“Friday, May 6 at 9:30AM, You Could Have the Chance to DOUBLE Your Money when This Tiny Tech Company Goes Public…”

What's the urgent pitch from Jeff Brown's Exponential Tech Investor?

Today I’ve been asked about another urgent pitch from the Bonner & Partners crowd, and it’s so similar to one of their past ads that I thought I’d throw out the quick answer for you and let you chew on it a bit.

The basic spiel is that there’s an IPO scheduled for Friday, and that Jeff Brown at Exponential Tech Investor thinks it will be similar to an opportunity he recommended a few months ago… and he thinks that investors who get in “on the ground floor” by buying this IPO will make huge profits.

I generally prefer to avoid IPOs personally, since the opportunities that come when IPOs “bust” and fall apart six months later on insider selling or on faltering enthusiasm tend to look more appealing to me, but it’s true that Brown did recommend an IPO in February that has done very well for those who got in early — that was Editas (EDIT), and we covered that teaser ad here.

Here’s a small taste of the new ad:

“This Friday could be a day to remember for the rest of your life…

“That’s because, while it hasn’t been officially announced, when the NASDAQ opens at 9:30AM, I believe a tiny company will make their initial public offering (IPO)…

“Soon after, I predict its share price will skyrocket…and fast moving investors will make a quick fortune.

“I’m certain of this, because the situation I’m alerting you to now is virtually identical to one I alerted my subscribers to earlier this year…

“And anyone who followed that recommendation could have doubled their money in less than three months….

“(The last time I sounded the alarm on an opportunity like this, my readers saw 105% potential gains in just 85 days!)”

The rest of the ad is more or less the same as the February ad — which makes sense, because the new stock he’s pitching is in the same business of editing genes and offering that “potential to cure 6,000 diseases and change the face of modern medicine.”

Seems likely the whole thing will spend a lot of time in court, since the leading companies are all fighting over patents and this is very much a pre-commercial technology these days, but the upcoming IPO Brown is teasing is Intellia Therapeutics (likely ticker NTLA), which has a big collaboration with Regeneron and has received investments from Novartis.

There’s been plenty of coverage of this stock since the IPO chatter started, including this recent note from Investorplace, and I have no idea how it will go — but the expectation is that they will price their offering late this week and start trading on Friday morning.

I don’t have anything to add personally — the technology is way beyond me, and the commercialization of the technology is many years away, but there’s likely to at least be a lot of chatter about the stock late this week. According to the latest S-1 filed last week for the IPO, they hope to advance to IND-enabling studies over the next year or two (meaning, the studies they’ll have to do just to prepare for and justify the first clinical trial), and it will presumably be at least a decade before anything actually gets approved for widespread use outside of clinical trials (and that’s if all goes pretty well).

(FYI, The S-1 is the “registration statement” for a company that’s about to offer shares publicly — that’s the only source for “real” numbers and disclosures for a company that hasn’t gone public yet or released quarterly or annual reports — you can see Intellia’s S-1 here)

So with that, I’ll leave you to it — will Intellia shoot up by 100% or so like Editas did? Will they both boom over the next few years, or wither on the vine as investor patience is tested? Let us know with a comment below.

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