De-teasing Oxford Club’s “Liquid Electricity and the Must-Own $3 Stock” Pitch

What's being teased by Fessler's Extreme Disruptions Trader?

Time now for another look at a teaser pitch for David Fessler’s Extreme Disruptions Trader ($1,495/yr, no refunds), one of the Oxford Club “upgrade” newsletters that we first looked at when Fessler was teasing some of the hot EV charging stocks right near the February peak in the markets.

And as with last time, the tease is for a smallish stock that he thinks presents a huge opportunity as technology upends energy markets — though this time around, the real draw is storage of “liquid electricity” … so what’s he talking about?

Let’s sift through the clues and see. This is the headline push, that there’s something happening by August that will set your socks on fire:

“200X More Powerful Than Lithium… Cleaner Than Gas… Stronger Than Solar or EVs…


“History in the Making and a Tiny $3 Stock Is Behind It….

“The demand could be MASSIVE.

“Especially with a major catalyst on the horizon for the $3 stock behind Liquid Electricity… set to happen on August 26, 2021.”

And we get some name dropping to make the idea of “liquid electricity” seem real…

“Goldman Sachs analysts are saying it will be ‘the $12 trillion opportunity of a lifetime’ as it expands over the coming decades.

“Reuters calls it ‘a lottery worth playing’ for investors, saying it will ‘play a key role in the global push to produce carbon-free energy.’

“And The Wall Street Journal says, ‘Major companies are betting big.'”

So what exactly is being teased here? More from Fessler…

“A source of power that can be transported anywhere… in trucks or through pipelines… with no need to build NEW infrastructures… but simply modify existing ones.

“A type of power that can be stored in storage containers and deployed when needed… so power outages like what we saw in California and Texas never happen again….

“The U.S. Department of Energy says this fuel has…

‘The highest energy per mass of ANY fuel.'”

OK, so no big shocker here — as you might have guessed, that’s hydrogen… and the full quote from’s explainer on hydrogen energy storage, in case you’re curious, would be…

“Hydrogen has the highest energy per mass of any fuel; however, its low ambient temperature density results in a low energy per unit volume, therefore requiring the development of advanced storage methods that have potential for higher energy density.”

We’ve gone through a little bubble cycle in the last year or two in hydrogen-related stocks, primarily the fuel cell companies like Plug Power (PLUG) and Ballard Power (BLDP) but also the truly hyped-up stories like Nikola (NKLA), and we still get questions about some of the older “blue gas” teasers that continue to circulate, but this one is a little different — there are transportation components to it, but Fessler is really pitching the energy storage potential of Hydrogen. Sorry, I mean of “liquid electricity.”

And the demand for energy storage is, of course, enormous — particularly as we begin to rely more and more on the kinds of electricity generation that can’t yet serve as “base load” sources of power because they’re not constant, like solar power or wind power. To make a solar plant a reliable 24/7 provider of electricity like a nuclear power plant or a coal-burning generator or a hydropower dam, you need energy storage to make sure that the supply of electricity will be there at night, or on cloudy days. Here’s how Fessler puts it:

“… wind and solar technologies can work well… in the right conditions, with the right weather.

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“The problem is… you need a way to store excess electricity when too much is being produced.

“And then you need to be able to tap into that energy storage when you aren’t producing enough.

“And that’s exactly what my little $3 company – and Liquid Electricity – is doing today.

“It has designed something incredible.