“Two great ways to ‘ride the EV wave'” Pitched by Extreme Value

Checking into some ideas for electric vehicle exposure

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 16, 2021

I’ve ended up with a portfolio that’s pretty heavily weighted in “growth” companies in recent years, but I always find myself a little more intrigued by “value investing” ideas — companies with real fundamental earnings power or undervalued assets that trade at a discount to their growth-ier peers.

So when some readers sent in questions about a way to maybe find some “Value” stocks that are also exposed to what is clearly a high-growth sector, my ears perked up. This all comes from some Stansberry Digest articles that essentially tease their Extreme Value newsletter to try to get subscribers to upgrade — sometimes these kinds of pitches turn into broader promo campaigns to recruit new subscribers, sometimes they stay small, but I often come across some interesting ideas when Dan Ferris and Mike Barrett tease a stock or two. Including earlier this year, when I was probably wrong about my guess but still ended up finding a company that I really like