Special Situations — Fat Pitch Tender Offers

This is an interesting one because it was submitted by the person doing the “teasing” — George over at Fat Pitch Financials, which is a great value investing blog, runs something he calls a “Special Situations Real Money Portfolio” in which he seeks out things like buyouts, tender offers, going private transactions, and the like, where he can make what are essentially very short term arbitrage investments when small odd-lot holders are given some kind of preferential treatment in a larger transaction.

It’s a great idea … but he doesn’t give away the farm, so he has a paid section. And in a recent post that he forwarded to me he teased out two “special situations” that he’s investing in with this portfolio.

If you want to pay to join his “Contributors Corner” it will cost you $12 a month or $100 a year — so this is nowhere near as expensive as most newsletters, and the main thing you get for this (in my opinion) is the list of current special situations investments.

However, paying people for ideas when you don’t want to isn’t what the Gumshoe is all about … if you don’t want to pony up the cash, listen to your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe and I’ll share with you his latest teasers:

Here are the relevant quotes from his site:

“I also purchase shares of a company that is buying back shares in a tender offer that includes a preference for odd lot holders. I bought 99 of these shares at $11.97 per share and I expect to be cashed out of all of these shares in about a month at $12.65 per share.”

“$3,771.12 … in cash … will be invested shortly in an additional odd-lot tender offer opportunity at a big newspaper.”

So, since George issued this challenge to the Gumshoe, I can tell you what I think the names of these two companies are (and recommend that you at least check out his free site, even if you don’t want to pay to join)

And frankly, George doesn’t go in for the hyperbole … so I can’t have as much fun with him as I do with the breathless newsletter touts. But anyway …

The first tender offer, with a buyout in roughly a month at $12.65 a share, is Premiere Global Services, Inc. (PGI). You would have had to buy this right when George did, at $11.99 the morning after they announced the tender offer, to get the 8% one month return … but it’s still about 1.5% below the $12.65 offer price if you want a quick couple of bucks.

Don’t know anything about this company, but if you’re just getting in for a buyout you really only need to know that they’ll go through with it. They’re borrowing the money and that appears pretty solid, and the odd lot preference is there (odd lots in these cases usually mean any holdings of 99 shares or fewer). The key to odd lot preferences in these cases, where something less than the whole company is being bought, is that the odd lots are bought up first, so you don’t have to worry that the buyout will be exhausted before your shares are picked up.

And the second one, the big newspaper with a tender offer that gives preference to odd lot holders, is almost definitely Tribune Co. (TRB) — no other clues are given, so I hesitate to say I’m 100% certain on this one.

Probably everyone has heard of this newspaper buyout, whereby Sam Zell is using lots of leverage and the employee stock ownership plan to buy out the venerable newspaper publisher, but you might not be aware — as Fat Pitch brings to our attention — that this deal also has a bit of an odd lot preference to it. The buyout is at $34 and will close pretty soon, so there’s a bit of room left for gains (shares are under $33 as I type this). And the odd lot preference is that the odd lot purchases will not be prorated as the larger lots are (that essentially just means that all odd lots will definitely get the $34).

So … a quick introduction to an interesting little service that I wouldn’t have featured here if it weren’t for George issuing his Gumshoe challenge — some nice little opportunities get uncovered over there every now and then, with potential for relatively low risk returns in short periods of time for those who want to read the detailed SEC filings about special situation selling.

So thanks George, and thanks to the rest of you for reading — good luck with your investing.

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May 5, 2007 8:18 am

Appreciate Stock Gumshoe, and all your good work! How does one submit a “teaser” for research? If this is a good avenue, take a look at the following:

TFN Sector Alert – 5/4/07

Avoiding Australia’s Uranium Bloodbath

We’ve known this has been coming for months now. Less than a week ago, Australia’s uranium industry was dealt the death blow no one ever saw coming. But one company is perfectly positioned to avoid the ensuing bloodbath in Aussie uranium stocks. And Citigroup, UBS, HSBC and JP Morgan have all been loading up on shares of this tiny $4 stock. But I’ll get to that in moment.

First, if you own any Aussie uranium mining stocks, it’s time to dump them now. Unwitting investors have been buying Australian uranium stocks like the rule was already discarded. Dozens of highly speculative uranium stocks have been soaring over the past two years in anticipation of the ruling Australian Labor Party disregarding its 30-year-old “three mines” policy.

The entire country’s uranium industry, which for years has anticipated the day when it could start tapping 24% of the world’s uranium reserves, couldn’t wait for this day to come.

Now, the day has come and gone and thousands of investors and newly formed uranium exploration companies wished they would have thought otherwise. The vote to disregard Australia’s “three mines” policy did win by a slight 205 to 190 majority, but there’s a lot more to the story.

Thanks to the slim victory, Australia’s six states and two territories are now free to authorize uranium mining within their local borders. But opening up Australia is hardly the goal of local governors.

According to ABC News, “[The state of] Western Australia’s Premier Alan Carpenter says there will be no uranium mining in his state while he is in government.”

Not to be left out, New South Wales’ premier, Morris Iemma, said, “Labor’s decision to overturn its ban on uranium mines would have no effect in New South Wales.”

And most of the other states feel the same way. Clearly, there isn’t much support for disregarding the “three mines” policy. And now, the highly speculative 90 or so Australian uranium exploration stocks that have been making investors hand over fist for last couple of years, are getting downright crushed.

Those stock certificates, once highly sought-after cash machines, are now overpriced worthless pieces of paper. The majority of local governors are dead set against any uranium mining in their territories and they’re not going to allow it.

But it’s not like there is no opportunity here. Two states have already bucked the trend and quietly disclosed their support for uranium mining. You see, these two states know how safe uranium mining is and have already earned the support of their local constituents. The reason is because they’ve been mining for uranium in these two states for more than 20 years.

But here’s the kicker: They’re not writing licenses to every uranium mining company just because they asked for one. The state regulators will only be giving the go-ahead to a couple of them. And only those uranium exploration companies that managed to secure properties adjacent to the already existing three mines are going to pay off.

Invest in the rest them, and you might as well be throwing your money in the trash.

Right now, I’ve found one small exploration company that will be one of those few big winners. Right now, it’s quietly sitting on veritable mountain of uranium worth more than $6.7 billion.

And thanks to the across-the-board sell-off in uranium stocks, it’s market value has plummeted to a mere $215 million.

With numbers like that it’s no wonder why Citigroup, UBS, HSBC and JP Morgan have all been loading up on shares of this company. Given the political situation, it’s pretty safe to say shares of this company won’t be hanging around $4 for long.

Right now, a select group of investors have already been warned about how to avoid the Aussie uranium bloodbath as well as which stock will be the big winner in this whole debacle, follow this link now to join that group.

Andrew Mickey,
Founder, Small-Cap Commodity Prospector

Any ideas?? Thanks again!

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May 5, 2007 8:34 am

Here’s yet another long-winded Uranium teaser:

China’s $300 Billion Conspiracy to Stockpile Radioactive Fuel

A Stealth Team of Chinese Traders Must Track
Down Every Last Pound of U308 Uranium…
But the Biggest U308 Miner Just Suffered a Devastating Flood…
Now a Tiny Uranium Miner Has Been Catapulted to the
New No. 1 Supplier of U308. Discover How “MEGA-U308”
Could Turn Your $10,000 Into $40,003… Starting Now.
“A state-owned Chinese company is to invest $30 million
in a uranium mine in South Australia’s northeast.”
— ABC News

“China vows to stockpile mineral reserves.”
— International Herald Tribune

“China is already scrambling to corner contracts for uranium ore…”
— The Guardian

“The people’s republic is embarking on the world’s biggest nuclear spree.”
— Newsweek

Dear Reader,

I represent an elite group of 750 market enthusiasts that had the chance to see 879.8% gains from a portfolio with commodity winners in China, Russia and Peru.

This group is now turning its attention to a stealth team of Chinese traders expected to corner the market on an enriched form of uranium for nuclear reactors called U308.

The Chinese team is headed by a cabinet-level rising star who is chauffeured around Beijing in a big, black Audi. He sports a cigarette holder like FDR, and is considered one of China’s top economists.

Under his supervision, the Chinese traders will draw on a war chest of $300 billion in U.S dollars. That amount is nearly twice the size of the world’s largest mutual fund. It’s about six times bigger than the legendary Magellan Fund. And it’s bigger than the world’s top four mutual funds combined.

Even if the Chinese traders only partially succeed, their move on the U308 market will drive up prices to historic highs.

And that’s why I’m writing you today…
As the Chinese race continues to corner the market on U308, a flood has now wiped out one of the biggest uranium mines in the world. This mine was scheduled to supply 17% of the world’s U308.

With that mine completely out of commission for the next three years, a tiny uranium miner has emerged as the new No. 1 supplier of U308. You can still purchase shares in this tiny miner at a hefty discount — if you act now.

I urge you to take the next few minutes to read this letter, and you’ll see exactly how this tiny company could help you pocket over 300% — turning your $10,000 into $40,003… starting immediately.

In fact, I’ve prepared a FREE SPECIAL REPORT on this company that I’m calling MEGA-U308. In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly how you can receive it. Once you read the Report, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that MEGA-U308 has the best profit scenario you’ve ever seen.

To show you exactly what I mean, please check out the company’s chart…

Now imagine what that chart would look like when the Chinese begin to hunt down every last pound of U308. With its billions coming into the market, I expect that chart to go straight up for the next 12 months… or longer.

The upside to this situation is incredible — we’re talking more than 300%. Once I explained the situation to my executive publisher, J. Christoph Amberger, he suggested that I open my service to new subscribers.

Triple-Digit Gains — Consistently
At first I disagreed. I like to keep my group small, so we can get first-move advantage on tiny companies with thin volumes. This strategy has really paid off. Over the past three years my portfolio has given subscribers…

879.8% in 2006…
662.6% in 2005…
217.3% in 2004.
But then Christoph and I finally compromised: Right now my plan is to add another 250 subscribers — and cut it off at 1,000.

This is the first time since November 16 that I’m inviting new subscribers. And I may not invite new subscribers again for years. So this could be your first and only chance at getting in on MEGA-U308. And it’s moving really fast.

More Valuable Than Gold
The price of U308 uranium just passed $113 a pound — up 438.1% from the beginning of 2005. I fully expect the Chinese traders to push U308 toward $400 per pound — or possibly higher to $1,000 per pound — by the end of 2007.

That makes U308 one of the most valuable commodities on the planet. There is no better commodity play today. Consider that…

A barrel of oil is up only 21.1% over the past two years…

Gold rose only 24.4% between 2006-2007….

And even highly touted copper rose 106.3% — nowhere near the gain of U308.

See for yourself how MEGA-U308 trounced gold over the past six months.

MEGA-U308 (red) vs. gold (blue) six-month comparison.

Unlike gold, oil or copper, there’s no regulated trading exchange for U308. You can’t buy an ETF for U308. U308 moves in a near-underground economy of secretive auctions where the bidding is fast and furious.

A Global Crisis
Less than 26 million pounds of U3O8 changed hands in spot auctions last year. That’s an 85.1% shortfall of the world’s annual requirements of 175 million pounds.

Imagine if there were an 85.1% shortage of oil. The world would have to rely on oil only from Kuwait, Nigeria, Algeria and Brazil. At that point, how high do you think the price of a barrel would go? $1,000? $5,000? $10,000? Maybe even a million bucks a barrel. It would be sheer insanity.

And no one knows that better than the Chinese. They’re desperate to get their hands on every pound of U308 they can buy. The stakes are enormous.

Over the next 15 years China plans on building 30 new reactors. Without those reactors, the country’s environment and economy could be heading straight for the dumpster.

China’s nuclear-energy mandate is all about getting out of coal and into clean energy like nuclear power.

It’s not that China suddenly gives a hoot about endangered species. Beijing’s reasons for going green are strictly financial.

China’s Slag Heap
It’s just getting too darn costly for China to keep chugging away on fossil fuels.

China is the No. 1 coal producer and consumer in the world. Close to 70% of its energy is derived from the fossilized carbon that feeds blast furnaces, boilers and power stations.

China consumes more coal than the United States, Europe and Japan combined. Every 10 days, China lights up another coal-fired power plant. Some of these plants are huge — big enough to serve every household in Dallas.

At 2 billion tons per year, China’s coal consumption has turned the country into an environmental slagheap. By the year 2025, China’s coal emissions are expected to spread more noxious carbon and sulfur dioxide than the United States, Japan and Canada combined.

Two-thirds of the world’s most polluted cities are in China. Sulfur-dioxide emissions from coal-burning power stations hit 25.5 million tons — a 27% increase from 2000. That makes China the No. 1 sulfur-dioxide polluter in the world.

China’s airborne sulfur dioxide has even been found in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.

Soaring 300% in 12 Months
The problem is so bad that the government developed a so-called “Green GDP” to actually put a price tag on the impact that pollution has on the country’s gross domestic product.

And once I reveal that number to you, it’ll make perfect sense why MEGA-U308 should soar 300% over the next 12 months — or more if you’re willing to hold longer.

China simply can’t afford to keep up its coal-fired plants. At the same time, the Communist Party hates the idea of relying on the Mideast for oil: as you can understand, Beijing is not real big on radical politics.

So China is stuck with coal, but at an awful price.

China’s Secret Pollution Riots
The emphasis on clean energy sources reflects China’s shifting priorities from driving growth at all costs to realizing growth that is more sustainable. Here’s why…

The cost of coal-related pollution to China’s economic growth is pegged at 3.1% of the total GDP — or $64 billion dollars. That number is huge…

The situation in China is so bad that “pollution riots” are breaking out all over the country.

On April 8, 2006 villagers armed with iron bars attacked factories polluting their water. Pollution riots in Huashui in April 2005 pitted outraged citizens against 10,000 police officers. And in mid-July 2005, some 15,000 protestors amassed at the gates of an offending factory — throwing stones and overturning police cars, despite the thick clouds of tear gas.

Pollution riots increased 30% in 2005 over the previous year. The Chinese people are taking to the streets to demand an end to the pollution that is robbing them of their livelihoods and health.

Safely Turn $10,000 into $40,003
And that’s where the stealth Chinese traders come in. Once they get up and running, which could be any day now, MEGA-U308 could be able to turn your $10,000 into $40,003 in 12 months or less.

Now before I show you how to receive your FREE SPECIAL REPORT on MEGA-U308, allow me to take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Christian DeHaemer, executive editor of the GRESSOR Report.

Maybe you’ve seen me featured in the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, MarketWatch.com, StockDr.com, Money Matters, Personal Finance Radio, and On the Money to name a few.

The Fastest-Growing Stocks
I’ve spent years traveling the world in search of profits for Taipan’s world investor…and I discovered the one thing that all great stocks have in common: they’re completely ignored by the big dogs on Wall Street.

“In the six weeks that I have been with you I bought, sold, and banked slightly over $10,000 profit. Keep up the good work.” — K. Parke

It’s easy enough to find a stock with great fundamentals. But finding a stock with great fundamentals that’s also completely off Wall Street’s radar is more difficult. That’s why you need a System that combines potential and value to consistently deliver those triple-digit gains.

So with that simple premise in mind, I went ahead and developed the GRESSOR System. GRESSOR is designed to find the fastest-growing stocks anywhere by using two return-driven metrics: 1.) Great companies that have shown modest growth and are ready to deliver huge gains, and 2.) Great companies that are only a quarter away from delivering a profit.

And GRESSOR delivers…

Grupo Simec returned 100% in 36 days. Yukos Oil rewarded subscribers with a gain of 46.3% in 41 days. And Southern Peru Copper returned 37% in 49 days.

Solidere banked subscribers 121.4% in 223 days. While Summit Resources is up 184% in 191 trading days — and still climbing.

But unlike basic stock-picking Systems, GRESSOR can provide gains in ANY MARKET — UP, DOWN OR SIDEWAYS.

How is that possible? Because the GRESSOR System is also used to find the hottest options plays in the market.

GRESSOR has delivered over-the-top option gains…

Railpower: 148% in 35 days…
Barr Pharma: 55.5% in 5 days…
Electro Sensors: 66.3% in 1 day…
Global Industries: 29.4% in 1 day…
Sify: 62.5% in 1 day…
Viacel: 43.6% in 16 days…
Chesapeake Energy: 100% in 1 day…
Peabody Energy: 63.1% in 1 day.
That means there are virtually no dry spells with the GRESSOR System. Long-term gains are achievable through stocks — daily or even hourly gains are possible with options.

My subscribers are absolutely beaming with the returns they get from GRESSOR…

“Made a total profit of $97,500.” — N. Nguyen

“Sold AutoLiv today for a 65% profit. Thanks for the recommendation both in and out.”
— W. Shaw

“21.5% for 24 hrs, not bad for my second trade.” — R. Fuller, Jr.

“A quick 500-plus is not bad…” — M. Walters

“I’ve turned $15,000.00 since mid August 2005 to almost $80,000.00” — D. Williams

“…Over a 50% gain in 6 days. Thanks…keep ’em coming!” — D. Ball

“Thanks also to the GRESSOR team for the great call on the Russian oil stock.”
— J. Piper

“Thanks, made $12,000.00 on the Galton Biometrics recommendation.” — K. Horn

How You Can Pocket Triple-Digit Gains
Want to turn your $15,000 into $80,000 like D. Williams?

Want to pocket 50% in six days like D. Ball?

Want to gain $97,500 like N. Nguyen?

The best way to start is with MEGA-U308.

Flooded Out
The shortage of U308 is so severe that MEGA-U308 is bound to be a huge winner — far bigger than I originally expected.

At first, I figured that with 17% of the world’s U308 supply underwater the price would double over the next 12 months.

Then I learned of China’s stealth traders, and I knew that U308 would go right through the roof.

China has no alternative. It must make a full-court press on U308 — at any price.

Like the Great New York Blackout
With all the hoopla you hear about China’s “economic miracle,” the country is starving for electricity. China desperately needs another 23,000 megawatts to maintain its non-stop growth.

And 23,000 megawatts is a massive amount of electricity. It’s how much New York City lost during the great blackout of 2003… when 19 million New Yorkers were plunged into darkness and the city was dead in the water.

Volkswagen, Sony, G.M. Grind to a Halt
China’s power shortage forced Shanghai Volkswagen to stop work for several days at a time.

“Hi I just made a quick 20% on APT. I was in and out in less than 24 hours!” — S. Burg

Sony’s Chinese manufacturing plant had to cut production due to chronic power shortages.

Chengdu City suffered the worst power shortage ever, with 345 companies stopping production.

The China unit of Marubeni Corp, Japan’s fifth-largest trading company, stopped work 2-3 times a week due to blackouts.

General Motors and Panasonic shifted production to off-peak hours — losing days of work.

The Most Ambitious Nuclear
Build-Out in History
Thousands of Chinese companies are shutting down as power is diverted to foreign firms. Energy hogs such as cement and steel nearly bring power plants to their knees in China’s rapidly developing eastern and southern regions.

That’s why China is committed to shelling out $50 billion on 30 nuclear power plants. The country must make the leap from 8.7 million kilowatts today to 40 million kilowatts by 2020. It’s the most ambitious nuclear power expansion in history.

It Started with an Earthquake
And just when China is scheming behind the scenes to form this stealth group of traders, the Cigar Lake mine disaster hits — and it was bad.

The mine is 100 stories underground. Not a good place to be when an earthquake hits. Water poured into the shaft. Miners scrambled to lock the watertight bulkhead doors. But when the doors failed, the miners ran for their lives.

Losing Saudi Arabia for Oil
The world’s biggest undeveloped source for high-grade uranium is now completely under water.

Losing the Cigar Lake mine for uranium was like the world losing Saudi Arabia for oil.

The New No. 1
As the magnitude of the problem grew, one thing became crystal clear. The owner of the Cigar Lake mine got bumped off its throne as the No. 1 supplier of U308. And MEGA-U308 took its place.

How long can MEGA-U308 keep its No. 1 spot? Well, the production timeline for Cigar Lake is sometime in 2010 — meaning that production is delayed at least two years from the original opening.

And those two years could be your most lucrative ever.

With Cigar Lake under water and the Chinese stealth traders ramping up, MEGA-U308 is ready to heap bags of money on its shareholders. I’ve never seen anything like this one.

MEGA-U308 soars following the Cigar Lake disaster.

Prove it to yourself. All you have to do is request the FREE SPECIAL REPORT that I’ve prepared on MEGA-U308.

Here are just a few of the insider secrets the Report lays bare for you…

MEGA-U308 Under the Microscope:
A detailed technical analysis of the company — and why the financials will blow you away…

The Most Powerful Company You’ve Never Heard of:
MEGA-308 holds all the cards. Mideast radicals, Central American petro-facists and the Russian mob will drive governments and utilities to the doorstep of MEGA-U308…

Beyond China:
The Global Nuclear Renaissance: Like it or not, nuclear power is now the No. 1 solution to global warming. It’s the new darling of green politics. Discover how the race to save the earth will force up U308 higher than the experts predict…

The Coming Nuclear Price War:
Yes, there are 442 nuclear power reactors worldwide. But that’s just the beginning. See why the United States, the United Kingdom, India and Russia will square off against the Chinese traders as the number of nuclear plants grows by 50%…

U308 in a Nutshell:
Important facts about this precious commodity… and why it’s the best radioactive fuel available…

The One Commodity That Outperformed
the Commodity Super Cycle:
A super cycle is a trend driven by the hypergrowth of a major economy. And this super cycle is all about China. Learn why MEGA-U308 is the best play in today’s commodity super cycle.

And Much, Much, MORE!

This Special Report is valued at $99. But I want to encourage you to be among the first 250 new subscribers to GRESSOR. That’s why I’ll GIVE YOU THIS REPORT ABSOLUTELY FREE if you respond now.

And why it’s crucial for you to get into MEGA-U308 now.

If you make only one trade this year, MEGA-U308 must be it.

Follow my elite group of subscribers, and I’ll show you how to leverage the 300% projected gain of MEGA-U308 into a combined gain of 1,212.8%.

How is that even remotely possible?

Because if you respond now, I’ll also include a second FREE SPECIAL REPORT called “The Magnificent Five.”

Valued at $129.00, it’s a screaming bargain.

In this FREE SPECIAL REPORT, I’ll detail five additional leading U308 providers that had a combined 52-week gain of 912.8%. That’s on top of the 300% gain I expect you to pocket with MEGA-U308.

Gain 912.8% or More…
Now I expect over the next 12 months the Magnificent Five will either match or exceed their 52-week run to date. So you could gain 912.8% or more on these fast-moving U308 providers.

How much does that add up to?

If you put $10,000 into each of the Magnificent Five, plus MEGA-U308, you could walk away with a whopping $91,280 profit — enough money to put an end to every financial headache.

Remember, I said that I may cut off new subscribers at 250. So if you’re candidate No. 251, you could miss out on that 1,212.8% gain-of-a-lifetime.

I know if I did that I’d be kicking myself for a long, long time — especially since “The Magnificent Five” is FREE.

Here’s a peek at the winning recommendations in the Magnificent Five” that will absolutely WOW you…

The tiny $4.66 Canadian company ready to boost U308 output by 300% — for one of the best ground-floor uranium plays ever…

The No. 2 supplier of U308 that underperformed… despite its 40% revenue surge — and it’s blueprint for triple-digit gains…

The U308 junior expected to jump from $3.3 million to $5 billion in revenues — putting you on the fast track to riches…

The big-board U308 giant with the explosive potential of a small cap — making it one of Wall Street’s true hidden gems…

The granddaddy of U308 that’s about to reward investors with huge overdue gains — providing you’re ready to move now…

And Much, Much, MORE!

With only 250 potential new slots for GRESSOR, new subscriptions are filled on a first-come basis.

“As of today I have $85,605.90 in my account. I had originally started with around $9,000.00 in my account and added $5,000.00 over the months to buy certain options and stocks that were recommended when they dipped. My biggest gainers were buying options such as .CATBK and .CXBK. I really made out when I picked up shares of .CATBK after the parent stock CAT took a beating and purchased more options. Since my account has reached such a large comfortable level now I don’t have to hold out and wait for such higher gains as I did in the past. I get in and get out as the stock or option is on the rise. Many times I have regretted this as I’ll get out with a 20% gain only to see an option I just sold raise to over 100% gains in just a matter of days.

“Using your system is a pretty simple process. I buy what you say to buy and sell when you say sell or whenever I think that I’ve profited enough for my comfort level, nothing could be easier.”
— D. Williams

And since this stealth team of Chinese traders isn’t wasting a single, precious moment, I’m going to SPOT YOU $1,505 TO GET YOU STARTED.

Normally, GRESSOR is available for $2,500 per year (a drop in the bucket considering the enormous rewards).

But given the urgency of this opportunity, I’ll deduct $1,505 from the normal price. So you’ll receive the FREE SPECIAL REPORT on MEGA-U308, the FREE SPECIAL REPORT “The Magnificent 5” and a one-year subscription to GRESSOR for only $995.

By freeing up your $1,505 you can put that into any one of the U308 stocks that I’ll detail in the FREE SPECIAL REPORTS.

That means, considering the 300% return I expect you to pocket on MEGA-U308, your $1,505 could turn into $6,020 within 12 months.

Put that $1,505 into each and every U308 stock that I’m recommending and you could pocket an amazing $21,250.

In addition to the two FREE SPECIAL REPORTS, your GRESSOR Membership entitles you to:

Confidential GRESSOR Alerts: When I spot an opportunity to seize big gains, you’ll be the first to know. You’ll receive an e-mail telling why and how you can cash in on the GRESSOR System. It could be a stock or an option. Whether the market is up or down you’ll have timely market intelligence to make double- and triple-digit gains within days — or even hours…

FREE Daily Updates: Every day I’ll e-mail you a market analysis. It will also include updates on the GRESSOR open positions. You’ll never be in the dark…

FREE Private Access to the GRESSOR Members-only Web site: You’ll have total access to past Reports and articles to improve your investment skills.
I’ll back up your GRESSOR Membership and two FREE SPECIAL REPORTS with my boldest promise ever: If you are not 100% satisfied with your astonishing package, I’ll give you a full no-questions-asked refund within 30 days… and a prorated refund anytime after that.

Plus you get to keep your FREE SPECIAL REPORT on MEGA-U308 and “The Magnificent 5.”

That’s right. I’m so sure of your satisfaction with MEGA-U308 within the first 30 days of GRESSOR Membership, that I’m willing to stand behind it with a full, 100% guarantee.

This should be the easiest decision
you’ve made in years…
You’ve seen how this stealth team of Chinese traders can drive up the price of precious U308 — putting you in the driver’s seat to gains of 1,212.8% or more…

You’ve seen how the world’s supply of U308 was dramatically
cut 17% by a surprise flood in the biggest mine under production — catapulting MEGA-U308 to the No. 1 spot…

You’ve seen how MEGA-U308 trounced gold over the
past 24 months…

You’ve seen exactly why the world is suffering from an 85.1%
shortfall of U308.

Now it’s all up to you…

You could, of course, make the decision to walk away from this incredible risk-free opportunity — and possibly kick yourself for years to come.

Or you could simply say YES, and become an instant subscriber to GRESSOR.

Remember, I may actually limit new subscribers to the first 250 Members. Don’t wait. It’s risk-free.

I sincerely look forward to working with you.

Christian DeHaemer
Executive Editor of the GRESSOR Report

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Information as of April 6, 2007

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June 18, 2007 10:14 pm

Well, since i bought this stock in march 2007 it went from about 8.56 to 12.43 as of yesterday so it is not so bad.


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January 23, 2008 1:27 pm

Finding your site was an accident thanks to google, but I like it

shawn disney
shawn disney
October 12, 2010 10:50 am

ILongtime fan, , not vaery active. Have you commented on "Penny Auctiosn" , Stansberry, I think?.. Breathlesss accoounts of fortunes being made in pennies. It has to do with getting in options of thinly traded stocks , and correctly chooosing "active" ones, day to day. Of course, there's a "SECRET".

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