“One of the best biotech companies that I’ve ever looked at…” Plus some updates for the Friday File

Friday File solution to a FDA Trader teaser, plus updates and thoughts on MKL, GLRE, TPRE, LRE.L, CRTO, and others.

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 7, 2014

I’ve got a big ol’ pile of updates and thoughts about a dozen or so companies to get to, but we’re going to start with a teaser solution today.

Paul Mampilly of Agora Financial’s FDA Trader apparently sent around a teaser note to his own subscribers (I say “apparently” because I’ve only seen the cut-and-paste that a couple readers sent my way, so I can’t give you 100% confirmation that this is really a current teaser), and the company he was pitching caught my eye and sounded interesting, so I thought I’d look into it for you.

His newsletter is quite new, one of a fairly large crop of biotech letters that like to trade FDA dates and find gems, and the only teased pick of his we’ve looked at so far (Enteromedics, ETRM, back in June) didn’t pan out so well — but they can’t all win, so what’s this one?

Here’s the hinting I received:

“I am working an incredible idea for you. It will be ready in two weeks, three weeks tops.

“I have to say that this is one of the best biotech companies that I’ve ever looked at. If I were managing a hedge fund, I’d want to own a boatload of this stock.

“I don’t want to give away too much in this alert, because I’m still digging into the research. I can tell you that I’m getting that feeling that I get when I know I’m on to something good. Something really good. Because when I get that feeling, I want to buy the stock for myself. Huge amounts of it, because everything about it is screaming huge gains to me. God knows if I was managing a hedge fund, I’d be buying this stock hand over fist right now.

It has one FDA-approved drug selling like hot cakes. But that’s just one part of this company. There’s a second part to this company — a Superstock, a drug royalty company with royalties on 10 drugs.

“Superstocks are my favorite kind of stock to own, because you get three huge benefits. You can read about them here.
This particular Superstock is getting a royalty on an FDA-approved drug for use in stomach cancer and is on the verge of being approved for lung cancer patients. When that happens, we could see this combo biotech and Superstock jump higher.


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