Ray Blanco’s : “What This CEO Says on Nov.7, 2015 Could Revolutionize Modern American Medicine…”

Solving the latest teaser pitch from Agora Financial's FDA Trader

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 27, 2015

I know I’ve said this before, and sometimes it’s a lie: I’m going to try to keep this one brief.

Agora Financial’s FDA Trader service has a new pitch out — which normally might not get that much attention, since everyone is suddenly terrified of biotech stocks after a brutal month or two — but the promise is not just that a drug will get approved and make you rich… the promise is that this company will “revolutionize modern medicine.”

So what are they talking about? Well, the short answer is, “a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Which, depending on how long you’ve been investing in or reading about healthcare stocks, will either make you want to reach for your wallet or hide under your desk. Alzheimer’s Disease is by far the largest and most lucrative market that is underserved by pharmaceuticals — and the constant search for new treatments for this awful, high volume disease that has been a money pit for pharmaceutical companies. The disease is challenging and still very poorly understood, the only treatments available now are disappointing and help just some of the patients with some of their symptoms, and any new drug faces extraordinary challenges and very expensive clinical trials.

But, of course, if anyone does come up with a cure or a preventive for Alzheimer’s Disease that’s safe and approvable, they could make a whole boatload of money. So we see pitches about tiny biotech companies that have a cure for Alzheimer’s every now and then.

That’s what this one is today — the ad is for FDA Trader from Agora, edited by Ray Blanco (who has been the default editor of most of their technology-focused newsletters for many years — this newsletter used to be helmed by Paul Mampilly, but he moved a couple buildings down to work at Stansberry)… so what are we told about this secret little company?

Well, here’s why Gumshoe readers are asking about this one:

“On Saturday, November 7, a CEO you’ve likely never heard of will step up to the podium….

“Standing at that podium, he’ll be in front of the most respected names in his industry.

“When he starts speaking, he could change forever everything we think we know about one of the most frightening diseases in world history.

“What he has to say could revolutionize modern medicine for reasons I’ll show you here today.

“The market frenzy his comments create could also make you incredibly wealthy.

“That’s because, when the markets open on Monday, November 9, the stock of the company this CEO leads could explode rapidly higher.

“If this CEO’s presentation on November 7 goes as well as I expect, starting Monday, November 9, you could take part in an epic share price explosion.

“I’m talking about the chance at gains of as much as 2,150% or more as this tiny company rockets from under $9.00 to $200 and beyond.”

So, 2,150% gains — nice, right? And he implies that, while it “may take time,” the huge gains will start right away on November 9. Assuming, of course, that he’s right about what this CEO is going to say.

Some more clues? Well, let me give you another wee taste of the hype first:

“If You Buy Just One Stock For the Next Year, This is the One

“This CEO’s company might control what we come to view as the breakthrough of the decade.

“Over 5 million Americans, in fact, suffer as I write from the disease this company aims to treat.

“Actually, ‘treat’ isn’t the right word.

“If this company’s trial results continue to progress as well as early reports indicate, this company’s breakthrough could actually ‘reverse’ the disease.

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“What we’re dealing with here… for the first time in modern medical history… is the potential ability to take a disease with no cure and no good treatment…

“… and stop it in its tracks. That’s the big picture.

“This advance, it goes without saying, could be unprecedented. No one has ever seen anything like this before.”

OK, OK — enough drooling! I know, I know, it’s supposed to make us filthy rich, and make us feel good about owning shares of the company that finally eradicates the scourge of Alzheimer’s… so what is it?

Final clues for you — don’t worry, I won’t make you sift t