What’s the “Huge Flaw in the U.S. Government and Financial Markets” that pinpoints the “Magic Date” of January 29, 2017?

Agora's FDA Trader says this "flaw" pinpoints "Magic Dates" and offers "the easiest way I've ever seen to collect as much as $393,000 every 12 months." So what is it?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 7, 2016

Newsletter promoters LOVE dates — using a specific day in the calendar, preferably a day within the next month or two, gives a sense of urgency to an ad and makes you feel like you have to sign up RIGHT NOW to avoid missing out on the profits that can be made.

And Agora is certainly no stranger to this technique — their FDA Trader has used ads a few times in the past that hint at these “huge flaws” in the FDA that create “magic dates” … their latest version of this ad, with a “Magic Date” of January 29, is the one that’s getting our attention today.

Actually, it’s not just January 29 — that’s the date in the headline, but the email that leads in to this ad says there’s one coming up even sooner, on December 15. This is from the email from Laissez Faire Today, which was one of many other publishers (many also within the Agoraplex of related financial publishers) who pushed this promo:

“We’ve just been informed of a major U.S. government ‘disruption’ you need to know about.

“This may be the most alarming government disturbance I’ve seen in recent years.

“Luckily we’ve been given the exact date when it’s going to happen:

“Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016

“But that’s only the beginning…

“There are at least four other dates… where this government agency plans to completely upend the market.”

That’s some pretty inflammatory language — dates on which “this government agency plans to completely upend the market” … and, as you might expect, the truth is quite a bit smaller than that.

We’ll jump over to the ad itself now — the ad is signed by publisher Joe Shriefer over at Agora Financial, though the FDA Trader newsletter itself is still helmed by Ray Blanco, who has worked on most of Agora’s technology and biotech-focused newsletters for many years (so presumably he’s the one picking these “Magic Date” stocks).

And there’s all kinds of blather about the “intrigue” — which serves, of course, to make it seem like you couldn’t possibly understand this stuff or get access to the information unless you were wise enough to subscribe to their FDA Trader newsletter (which ain’t trivial, that will run you $2,000 a year)…

“The origin of the price spikes can be traced back to this ‘flaw’… a breakdown in the regulatory systems of a major U.S. government agency, located 11 miles outside of Washington D.C., in Silver Spring, Md.

“Bloomberg News investigated this agency’s sloppy regulatory practices, and came to the conclusion that it was creating a ‘…a rigged game’ that can ‘