“Double Your Money in the Coming Oil Shock” (Mark Skousen)

Sniffing out a Deepwater Driller teased by Skousen's Forecasts and Strategies

“12,000 Feet Below the Surface of the Ocean the Last Untouched Reservoir of Crude Oil Lies Waiting — and Only One Company Can Bring It to An Increasingly Desperate World!…

“… now oil could be heading for $150 a barrel… politicians are talking about attacking Iran … and everyone is scrambling to tap the tens of billions of barrels of pure crude located on the ocean floor….

“Find out how you caould make a killing investing in one of 8 companies with ‘ultra deep water’ rigs …”

Good intro, right? I can’t take the credit, it’s from Mark Skousen’s copywriters.

We received a lot of skeptical comments when we sleuthified the “oil to $200