Skousen’s “The Most Important Event in 2015”

Who's been building a "secret" pipeline?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 10, 2015

Mark Skousen has caught our attention with his big promises and teases several times over the years, and this latest pitch of his looks like a doozy — he’s saying that he has identified the “most important event in 2015,” and that this accomplishment has been completed in “secret” … so what’s the story?

Well, here’s a bit of the intro, from his publisher Roger Michalski:

“A Single Company is Set to Do Something No Company Has Done Since the 1970’s…

“Here’s Why It Could Lead to Record Amounts of Cash….

“In short, a new energy company (virtually unknown to most Americans) has secretly gone about creating an alternative pipeline system that’s set to generate billions in new revenue…

“The series of projects, already approved and in operation, is six times larger than Keystone.

“Keystone XL’s pipeline at maximum capacity can transport 830,000 barrels per day… Approximately