“The SS-4 Income Stream: How it Could Make You America’s Next Millionaire”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 22, 2013

Mark Skousen has been pitching the “SS-4 Income Stream” hard for the last couple weeks, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions and we’ve had a lto of discussion on the site about it … so I thought we should dig in and see if we can get a definitive answer about which investment he’s teasing.

And yes, of course, we can. May or may not be a fantastic investment, of course, but the mighty Thinkolator rarely disappoints when it comes to identifying the picks teased by these over-hyped ads.

The basic idea is that there’s a way, by buying a publicly traded stock, that you can get the same kind of massive returns that have created mega-fortunes for Mitt Romney and many others, including, as teased in the ad, the people who bankrolled Pillow Pets and Tom’s of Maine and Honest Tea, among others. Here’s how the tease gets us interested:

“What most people don’t realize is that there is a little-known investment (that’s publicly traded) that lets you band together with very wealthy people who do exactly this.

“They target the best start-up businesses and then ride the profits to immense fortunes. (I’ll tell you exactly which businesses they are targeting in a moment.)

“And the best part is, if you can get in to one of these groups, all the work is already done for you.

“They do all the investigation… Make sure the business is profitable and well-managed… Create plans for quick expansion into new markets… Help get the business into the mainstream.

“And then when the business hits it big or goes public, these people all collect the ‘real payday’ that regular investors don’t get a chance at.

“I can show you exactly how to join one of these groups. It’s as simple and cheap as buying any traditional stock. And I believe it could be the first step in helping you become America’s next millionaire.”

So … sounds appealing, right? Even if we recognize right up front that venture capital investing is not for the faint of heart — after all, for every big successful consumer product that you’ve heard of, like those absurd Pillow Pets that are resting under the heads of the little Gumshoes some nights, there are hundreds more that are abject failures, run through their venture funding, and never make a dime.

Skousen then goes on to make clear, though, that we’re not talking about a real startup fund — this isn’t like the folks who sniff around College campuses to find the next Mark Zuckerberg, as evidenced by the fact that this fund/company that Skousen is teasing pays dividends:

“One reason so many wealthy people are attracted to this opportunity is because the payouts are huge. (And growing quickly)

“For example, since this particular investment group made its first pay out 5-years ago, it has already increased the amount paid annually to investors by a whopping 418%.

“That’s an increase of 84% per year.

“It should come as no surprise that wealthy people are continuing to pour into this investment.

“But here’s what’s most telling…

“The people who run this investing group… the ones who are making all the decisions about which small businesses to invest in… are also buying tons of shares themselves.

“For example, on just one day, September 14 2012, no fewer than 11 insiders put money back into this investment. CEO Vincent F. for example, put approximately $100,000 of his own money in. President Todd R… Director Michael A… Officer Rodger S… Just about everyone was in on the act.

“And all of these guys have been pouring more and more of their own money into the investment each month.”

Ah, that sounds pretty intriguing — lots of insider buying from different folks who should know what the prospects look like, plus a growing payout? That narrows it down quite a bit.

And then we get just a few more clues:

“In my report The SS-4 Income Stream: How it Could Make You America’s Next Millionaire, I’ll give you the complete details on how you can become a member of this group of wealthy investors.