Friday File: Operation SPARCSTAR!

Frontier Tech Investor says "This is the only way for you to invest directly in fusion… the tiny $13 million firm making Operation: SPARCSTAR possible."

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 22, 2018

Huh, you say? Operation SPARCSTAR?

True, not all of you will have seen this ad — it’s for a UK newsletter, but it caught my eye and I thought it might be interesting to dig in and see what they’re pitching. And I’m actually in London at the moment, so it seems appropriate to toss a little attention their way in your Friday File.

Here’s the lead-in that got my attention:

“A rare ‘superconductor’ breakthrough by a little-known tech company could provide the planet with limitless, clean energy forever…

“Operation: SPARCSTAR

“Discover how this one tiny energy firm could disappear into oblivion…

“Or turn your £500 into £15,285!”

So that’s a rare bit of honesty — acknowledging up front that this “tiny energy firm” could go to zero, and that the gazillion-percent gains they’re teasing are not, in fact, guaranteed to come.

What, then, is this energy secret? Here’s more from the ad, which is trying to get us to sign up for a newsletter called Frontier Tech Investor, which is helmed by Eoin Treacy and seems to be the UK equivalent of our “entry level” tech-focused newsletters, it’s priced at £59 (about $78):

“1985, Geneva…

“In a luxury chateau in the Swiss Alps, two of the world’s most powerful men sit beside a roaring fire at the height of the Cold War.

“It’s an historic moment.

“Reagan and Gorbachev’s first face-to-face meeting in almost a decade.

“Together, they devise the most ambitious multinational project since the launch of the International Space Station…

“Project ‘ITER’ would involve experts from 35 different countries…

“Including USA, Russia, China, UK and Japan…

“It costs upwards of $25 billion…

“Yet despite all its ambition, investment and expertise…

“After 33-years of trying, project ITER cannot deliver the clean, unlimited, energy dream that it promised.”

So it’s an intro worthy of a thriller novel…. And yes, if the style of the ads sounds familiar it’s because they all use the same strategies and copywriters — Southbank Research is yet another offshoot of Bill Bonner’s Agora, which bought the longstanding Fleet Street Letter in the UK years ago and has tinkered with a bunch of different letters and strategies.

That lead-in sends us to the small company (naturally) that finally has somehow fulfilled this promise of ITER for “unlimited clean energy” — and who wouldn’t want that, right? And apparently this company has ...

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