“The Next Visa” Georges Yared

A quick note for those of you who have not been following this company closely, and might not have noticed that Georges Yared is touting the same stock for GameChangers that Marc Lichtenfeld has been touting for his Access Group.

Georges has ramped up his advertising this year, first pushing Visa and then pushing several different ideas as the “next Visa” — he’s a showman, at least, and he does claim a record of many very big winners over the years. With a strategy like his I would assume he has a good number of losers, too, not unlike Tobin Smith’s ChangeWave — when you go for massive growth in smallish companies, it’s bound to blow up more often than note, and you have to expect that you’ll find enough 1,000% winners to make up for the losers.

Not that there’s anything wrong with t