“Three More Googles” Georges Yared

Apparently today is Georges Yared day here at StockGumshoe.com … a few months ago I’ve barely heard of him, and here we are inundated with two different email campaigns from him. Must be adding piles of GameChangers subscribers right and left, I suppose … more power to him. This particular service of his just launched back in March, if I’m not mistaken, so I suppose that’s why we’re seeing so much of him.

Last night I looked at the stock Yared is teasing as the “next Visa” these days — it’s one that will be familiar to most of you, so click here if you want to go catch up before we get started on these “next Googles.”

Back with us? Fabulous. Moving on.

Yared tells us that there are three more “Game Changing” stocks out there that have rapid growth and are changing the way business is done. And he gives us some scant clues about the three. The full details, I imagine, will be readily disclosed to you if you’d like to pony up for a subscription to his service.

I wonder if there’s one consultant out there who comes up with all these names? GameChangers, ChangeWave, Rule B