“Tiny $4 Solar Stock Cures Baldness!” Georges Yared

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 15, 2008

This is another rerun for you, but if I’m to judge by the number of emails I’ve gotten about this one was missed by many folks the first time around.

The ad is for Georges Yared and his Game Changers newsletter, which is being pushed like a Michael Phelps appearance on the Today Show. We’ve seen his stuff a few times this year, MELA has been quite volatile but has dried up a bit of late as the ads have stopped flowing (there were other newsletters hitching their wagons to that one, too, and it really pushed the stock up in the Spring); and Visa is still doing well if you bought it near the IPO price, though it’s still off its highs.

And the stock in question here — that $4 solar stock (now $5) that cures baldness? Well, it’s not going to be either a solar stock or a baldness-curer in the next few years, at least, but they do have some innovations in both areas that might turn into products. Most of their actual products are in the medical diagnostics and device areas, and in fiber-optic and laser test and measurement, and this is primarily an R&D shop. They do all kinds of different stuff, including advanced coatings, sensing technology, nanomaterials, and pharmaceuticals, but the current product line is very small. Sales area growing nicely at 20% or so annually, thanks to those few products and to a lot of R&D funding agreements with the government and others, but they’re still losing quite a bit of money.

It’s a tiny market cap company, and very volatile, and Yared has been touting it for at least a year or so, with mixed results (he liked it at $3, $4, and $10, apparently, it’s just now cresting over $5).

I’m no chemist or engineer, and I can’t tell you what the potential is for this company’s “breakthrough” products, just that there is some potential but no apparent likelihood of profits anytime in the foreseeable future. Which means the shares will probably remain very volatile, and will probably move significantly on either positive or negative news — they aren’t counting on a single breakthrough product, but some investors probably are, so future news on the baldness “cure” or the organic solar “paint” could certainly move the stock. Both of those, by the way, are far-out possibilities, much less advanced than many of their other, less sexy technologies and products, most of which are beyond the Gumshoe’s comprehension.

You wanted to know the name of the company though, yes? You can check out the original writeup, which had more detail and also includes many comments from your fellow Gumshoe readers … or, if you’re strapped for time on this beautiful day, just know that it’s Luna Innovations (LUNA), and you can do your own research.

Oh, and the crab pots? They do have some research facilities in the Tidewater area of Southeast Virginia, but their headquarters are in the mountain town of Roanoke, far from any crab pot that’s not been converted into a coffee table.

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