“Grow Rich on the ‘Third Industrial Revolution That Will Change the Face of Manufacturing'” (Nicholas Vardy)

Sniffing out the latest teaser from Bull Market Alert

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 24, 2012

I do love it when newsletters are teasing themes that we’re familiar with (they tend to run in fads, just like everything else), and especially when they give specific dates by which you need to act in order to reap these fabulou rewards.

Not that the dates always really mean anything — sometimes they’re predictions by a newsletter that the company will report surprisingly good earnings, or that another good catalyst is on the way … but sometimes they’re also just the “deadline” for ordering the newsletter at a special discount price.

So I don’t think I’ll be letting the cat out of the bag too early when I say that Nicholas Vardy, in trying to grab new subscribers to his Bull Market Alert (about $1,000/year), is pitching the idea of 3D Printing or rapid prototyping — the same basic thematic push behind past teasers by Michael Robinson at Radical Technology Profits, the folks at the Motley Fool, and probably others who I’m forgetting (though to their credit, I think Dave Gardner at the Fool was the first one to push this idea hard and heavy in newsletter ads). I’ve also suggested some stocks in this space to the Irregulars, so I’m always curious to see which ideas in this relatively small universe are favored by the “gurus.”

Click on one of those links if you want the basic pitch about 3D printing, by the way — or if you want my take on it that I shared with the Irregulars last month you can see it here (make sure you’re logged in before clicking that link). Basically, 3D printing is a way of creating, you guessed it, three dimensional objects using, in most cases, something akin to inkjet printing (there are also “sculpting” versions that carve to create objects from a block, like your dentist will probably do next time you need a porcelain crown), and the companies in the business are those that make the 3D software and models and those that make the actual printers and supplies — mostly folks tease the printer/supply makers.

Here’s Vardy’s take on the basic theme — which is basically similar to past “next industrial revolution” teasers:

“The first industrial revolution began in Britain in the late 1700s with the mechanization of the textile industry.

“The second began in the United States in the early 20th century with the assembly line and the era of mass production. With each leap forward, an entire new class of wealthy investors also emerged.

“Today, the Economist argues, we are in the midst of the third industrial revolution. And I agree.

“Manufacturing is undergoing the same kind of disruptive digital revolution that forced music, movie, telecom, photography and publishing businesses to transform in fundamental ways over the last decade.

“And much of this tectonic shift in manufacturing is thanks to the rise of a ‘next generation’ printing technology. One that will surely reshape the entire industry.

“But here’s the best part… Much like with the potential of the Internet before the initial public offering of web browser pioneer Netscape in August of 1995, Wall Street doesn’t quite ‘get it.’

“However, they will soon. And when that happens, stocks in this next generation manufacturing sector could easily become subject to the kind of investor mania that Internet stocks did in the late 1990s….

“Once Wall Street wakes up, and the masses climb aboard the companies in this new manufacturing wave, those aboard prior to the world catching on stand to become filthy rich…. “

And the July 24 thing (that’s today, so I’m TYPING AS FAST AS I CAN! NEVER FEAR!) has to do with Q2 earnings for one of the companies in this business, so that’s a clue. Here are some more clues about this specific company he’s teasing:

“Take a Peek at the Company Itself

A quick look at a couple of the key company metrics and it’s easy to see why investors in the know are so excited about it.

“It engages in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and servicing of 3D printers and related products, print materials, and servi