“Secret ‘Leapfrog Phenomenon’ Generates Stunning 23,750% Return!”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 5, 2010

I’ve been so overwhelmed with gold and silver teases, and have written about them so many times over the last couple weeks, that I was really prepared to jump on anything that looked a bit more like a “real” company (ie, not just a commodity play or a hyped-up junior miner) … so here comes Kent Lucas, just in time.

Lucas has a teaser that recent started running on this “Leapfrong Phenomenon” concept for his new newsletter, Global Income Generator (he also edits Taipan’s older Safe Haven Investor, for which he teased that we could “siphon” money from mutual funds back in July — that was one of many MLP teasers, in case you missed it).

So what is the “Leapfrog Phenomenon?” It’s basically that each newly emerging country can skip several steps as they build their dominant companies and their infrastructure — the example is given of telecom, and the fact that they probably will never bother wiring rural emerging nations with telephone wires because it’s so much faster and easier to “leapfrog” fixed telephony and go straight to wireless. Makes sense, and we’ve probably all seen the stories about rural commerce in Africa and its dependence on cheap cell phones, for example.

They tell us that this new letter will “normally” cost $5,000 a year, but that they’re only selling it right now as part of their “lifetime” membership of $3,900 that gives you forever access to a laundry list of Taipan’s various newsletters and options trading advisories (it’s called the “VIP Inner Circle”). So yes, this is one of those pricey newsletters that the publishers are forever trying to convince us to “upgrade” to — these guys do so much marketing, after all, that many of them probably treat their $50 newsletters as “loss leaders” just to build a list of people who they know will be receptive to paying something for a newsletter … it’s when you upgrade to the $1,000 or $5,000 service that they really start raking in the bucks.

The basic pitch of the teaser is that you can use this leapfrog idea to not only choose stocks that benefit from foreign growth, but that you can also “leapfrog” the performance of folks who invest in US blue chips — here’s how the tease puts it:

“If you had a time machine and could go back 53 years — back ...

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