What’s Lundin’s February “Gold Investor” Stock?

Bonus Irregulars Note on a teensy weensy miner

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 6, 2014

Brien Lundin edits a newsletter called Gold Investor, and he also writes a lot of free stuff and runs the New Orleans Investor Conference, so most gold-focused or mining investors will know his name.

And I had a few requests for a solution to his little “teaser” pitch at the end of a recent email he sent out, so I thought I should solve it for y’all since we almost never cover Lundins stuff … but it turns out that the stock is so absolutely teensy that I don’t feel right covering it for the vast and free world of Gumshoe readers, so the compromise is I’ll just put this quick note up for the Irregulars in case any of you are interested.

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Here’s the lead-in to Lundin’s tease:

“Brazil Resources (BRI.V; BRIZF.OTCQX; C$0.75), which I recommended to you two weeks ago, has just begun to take off. It remains a strong buy.

“In addition, top-quality juniors with established resources — companies like Almaden Minerals (AMM.TO; AAU; $1.40) and Kaminak Gold (KAM.V; C$0.80) — are outstanding buys right now (I personally own a position in Kaminak Gold).

“But there’s one company I’m particularly excited about…so much so that I just recommended it in our February issue of Gold Newsletter.”

Brazil Resources might sound familiar for those who’ve been reading Myron Martin’s columns — he’s been mentioning it a lot over the last few months. So what’s this one he’s “particularly excited about?” Clues:

“At this very moment, this company is drilling 12 holes into a high-grade zone they’ve identified in the middle of over a million ounces of lower-grade (but still economic) gold.

“They just announced that the first hole returned 5.62 g/t gold over 54.1 meters (177.5 feet) — that’s a huge hit, with high-grade gold over a tremendous length.

“The company also announced that the second hole seems to have hit the same mineralization, from the looks of the drill core. Assay results are coming soon.

“Understandably, the stock price has taken off. But here’s the key that few are aware of:

“It’s going to go “on sale” on March 21.

“I reveal all of the exciting details — including why this stock is going to briefly go on the sale rack on March 21 — in the latest issue of Gold Newsletter.”

So who is it? Thinkolator sez: Premium Exploration ...

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