“Why a tiny Colorado gold stock is about to pay dividends in real gold bullion… and why I just put $220,000 into it” (Doody)

Sniffing out the answer to the latest Gold Stock Analyst teaser

We’ve written about John Doody a few times over the years, largely because the Stansberry folks have been promoting his newsletter and therefore spreading the gospel of this former Econ professor turned gold newsletter guru and mining stock millionaire. The letter is called Gold Stock Analyst, though a couple years ago they started to offer a “dumbed down” version called just GSA Top Ten, which gives you his top ten stocks and writeup on a few of them each month without the very detailed backup material that he also generates on dozens of other stocks (that brought the price of entry down to about $500, just FYI, the “pro” version with full data is more like $1,500).

And since Doody does have his results audited, and he has a lot of well-respected fans, I presume he’s still doing well — I don’t know if he’ll repeat the incredible performance his “Top