Checking out “Molecule 520” — does it “Change Everything?” How about those 70,000% gains teased?

What's the "Magic Molecule?" Ad has dropped Kevin O'Leary's name as an early investor, and promises "Three Magic Molecule Picks for Quadruple-Digit Gains” ... so what are they?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 11, 2020

This Green Chip Stocks teaser pitch began life as a pitch for “Magic Molecule” stocks that will “change everything” and cure alcoholism, depression, PTSD and so much more… that original ad, which we covered on June 22, has now been updated a bit and is going out under the “Molecule 520” headline, but still hinting at the same basic idea, and the same three companies. Since I won’t be working a full day on this Veteran’s Day, I thought I could at least get this out to you to answer those reader questions — what follows has not been updated or revised since it was originally published on June 22, there have been some relatively minor updates from the companies and one election victory since then as Oregon legalized psilocybin… one of the stocks teased has jumped a little over 100% since then, one has fallen by roughly 50%, and the other is roughly flat. I’ll throw in a chart at the bottom for you, too, and will keep the reader comments from June attached here. Enjoy!

–From 6/22/20–

The over-the-top promise of the latest Green Chip Stocks pitch is impressive… this is from the order form:

“Now, Get Ready to Profit from “The Most Important Discovery in Half a Century”
––Science Magazine

“The last time science came anywhere close to a breakthrough like this, early investors made up to 70,000%”

And it gets better…

“Now, you are in a position to make quadruple, quintuple-digit gains on what scientists are calling ‘the most important discovery in half a century.’

“A ‘magic molecule’ that holds the cure for many ‘incurable’ diseases like depression, alcoholism, opioid addiction, and PTSD.

“And, potentially, other chronic diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, and more.

“Conservatively, the worldwide market for this breakthrough will come to over $2 trillion a year.”

So what’s the tease really all about? Siegel’s Green Chip Stocks ($99/yr) was an alternative energy newsletter many moons ago (I assume that’s where the “green” came from first time around), and seems to me to have been publishing in some form for at least a decade or so, hopping on different trends, but has more recently focused a lot on biotech and on marijuana… so we’re in that same general area now with this “magic molecule” idea, which is basically a pitch about the potential of psychedelic drugs to treat all kinds of ailments, and particularly about psychedelics that are derived from what we used to call “magic mushrooms.”

So we’ll get into the stocks he’s hinting at in a moment, but first he goes through a long spiel about the many ways this can treat or cure some “incurable” diseases that are generally seen as illnesses of the mind…

“Given its power to treat 10 to 15 different intractable diseases with just a single dose…

“You might think this breakthrough medicine was a complex compound of heavy-duty and unpronounceable chemical ingredients.

“But nothing could be further from the truth.

“It’s unbelievably simple, as many world-changing advances are.

“This new medicine is made up of just one molecule.

“But a molecule so powerful, it’s being called the ‘magic molecule.’

“It’s plant-based and naturally occurring in our environment.

“So its side effects are nil to non-existent — unlike with the medications normally used.”

And he runs through several examples of people who have participated in trials of this “magic molecule” and seen incredible results as it lets them fight off their alcoholism, other addictions, or depression… including some powerful-sounding claims:

“It isn’t invasive and doesn’t kill the disease with poison.

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“Only one or two sessions are required for a 60% to 100% cure.

“The results are often permanent.

“And the side effects are non-existent or surprisingly mild.

“Instead, the magic molecule enables the body’s most powerful organ to do the healing:

“The mind.”

That’s generally true, at least as scientists understand things right now — the hallucinogenics like belladonna, ayahuasca, mescaline and psilocybin have often been written about and used by people to fight addiction, and part of the way that seems to work is that the hallucination opens up new mental connections and therefore gets a brain “out of the rut” of continually re-seeking the pleasurable pathway associated with alcohol or opioids or whatever else. Or at least, that’s my completely inexpert impression after reading up a little bit on the idea, including the stories of William Burroughs seeking out hallicinogens in the 1950s as an opioid addiction cure, and Bill Wilson founding Alcoholics Anonymous after his own “transformative experience” with belladonna some 20 years before that.

The power and potential of psychedelic drugs, whether natural or chemically invented or enhanced (like LSD or MDMA), has been known for a long time — though the backlash against the “tripping” of Timothy Leary et. al in the 1960s banished them from “real science” for decades and kept research very limited, though it seems to have been experiencing a little bit of a renaissance in the past few years, perhaps coincident with the opioid addiction crisis or just because of the growing permissiveness driven by marijuana’s growing acceptance in “regular” society.

And Siegel thinks this is about to bust open into a new opportunity for investors, he repeatedly compares it to investing in early medical marijuana and marijuana legalization stocks… here’s some more from the ad:

“This breakthrough is about to rock the world

“And already, things are moving at light speed in that direction.

“Here’s the big picture:

“The FDA has given the green light to several companies to manufacture and distribute medicines made from the magic molecule.

“Giving breakthrough status to a cure means the FDA recognizes traditional treatments don’t work well… and they’re desperate