Daltorio’s “A single, safe, ‘blue chip’ stock with the potential for a 2,537% windfall.”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 3, 2018

That’s a good headline, right? I pulled that quote from a Tony Daltorio ad that I saw over the weekend — and it seems to have the finger on the pulse of my nerves, at least, because combining those phrases “blue chip” and “windfall” in one sentence really give me a nice, warm feeling in my stomach.

Of course, if there’s really a 2,537% ‘windfall’ potential anytime soon, it probably ain’t a “blue chip” that makes you feel comfortable buying shares — that number was pulled from the incredible transformation Domino’s made when they went “all in” on digital and revamped their recipes at the same time, beginning almost ten years ago… but we can dream, right? So let’s look into the ad and see what stock it is that Daltorio is hinting at… then we can decide for ourselves.

The big picture part of the spiel for Growth Stock Advisor ($49/yr at the moment) is about something he calls the “Digital Helix” — and it’s what he says made it possible for Home Depot and Dominos and Best Buy to recover and thrive when Sears and Circuit City and so many others were floundering… here’s a little excerpt:

“… while the potential of this new technology is virtually limitless…

“Most retailers have absolutely NO CLUE how to put it to use…

“Staples has been closing stores left and right over the last years.

“Barnes & Noble is currently on its last leg.

“Sears was once one of the biggest department stores… and is now in its death throes.

“These are all retailers that poured hundreds of millions into digital transformation…

“And they all failed horribly at making their investments pay off or turning their businesses around.

“But I’ve discovered that all the WINNERS of this $100 trillion digital transformation have one thing in common…

“They Are All Using the Same Secret Weapon… The ‘Digital Helix'”

The “digital helix,” it seems, is all about doing a good job of combining traditional retail with new digital tools — he says it comes down to three “profit drivers:”

“Profit Driver #1: Focus on DIGITAL sales to boost revenues.

“Profit Driver #2: Give your customer experience a DIGITAL facelift.

“Profit Driver #3: Use cutting-edge supply chain technology to deliver products FASTER and CHEAPER”

OK, nothing terribly controversial there — though I imagine it’s probably pretty hard to tell from a quarterly press release whether a company is “transforming” or just throwing money at better websites and mobile apps.

So what company is it that he’s specifically teasing? A few more clues for you:

“This company has already finished a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ — pouring billions into their digital transformation.

“Their stock hasn’t made any big moves yet.

“But once it gets going, it will move very, very fast.

“And this breakout could come soon!

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“My research indicates you want to be on board before December 6….”

OK, so they’ve probably been investing in digital stuff for quite a while, and there’s some kind of news coming before Thursday… what else?

“This ONE compa