“How to Get Rich From the Cures on Demand Windfall” With Marc Lichtenfeld’s “Biggest Blockbuster of 2013”

What's the teased "little-known research company" that "has come up with the biggest advance in medicine in the last 150 years?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 7, 2013

Every biotech-related teaser ad promises that you can make life-changing profits while also curing the world of a dread disease, of course — that’s why we love ’em.

But this one’s a little bit different — they are teasing a biotech company that is trying to develop new drugs, but according to the pitch this particular company is unique and extra-desirable because they have the technology to do drug discovery faster and better than the old time-tested ways.

Here’s how the ad puts it:

“it’s not a drug… surgical tool… new cancer treatment… nor anything else you might expect.

“Rather, it involves stunning technology that accurately designs new drugs to treat or even cure – many of the world’s most dreaded diseases.

“Better yet, it then lays out a blueprint for how to create these new drugs on a mass scale.

“We call it ‘Cures on Demand’….”

“A Shocking Medical Breakthrough is About to Shake a $956 Billion/Year Industry to Its Core…

“And Hand Early Investors Life-Changing Gains”

Now, they’d delight in sharing the news of this company with you … but first, they want you to subscribe to their new newsletter. This pitch is for the Healthcare Profits Alert from the Oxford Club — it’s edited by Marc Lichtenfeld, who has moved around within the Agoraplex of related publishers and launched or written for several different healthcare-related investment newsletters in the last few years … and they’re being putting this letter on the top shelf, with a $4,995 price tag.

Of course it’s “on sale” at the moment, since they’re just launching the letter, and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether any readers will ever actually pay that high list price (the trend, as I see it, is toward publishers having one or two super-expensive newsletters, and a half dozen cheaper or almost-free ones that funnel into ads for the “all in one” package deals or these super-premium letters where huge publisher profits are generated) — but the “charter” subscription rate is a still-pricey $895, so let’s see if we can ID the pick they’re teasing for a more reasonable price, shall we? Like, perhaps free-ish?

Right … well, the Thinkolator is game to give it a try. First, a bit more of the hypey overview from the ad:

“Imagine a world where drug companies can eliminate years of painstaking research to develop a new cancer treatment… cholesterol medicine… or anti-inflammatory pill.

“They simply use this technology and almost instantly find out the best new drug candidates.

“I know that sounds crazy, but it’s happening right now.

“It’s a completely new paradigm for the entire $956 billion a year pharmaceutical industry.

“And if this situation plays out as we anticipate, it could lead to the single biggest gains of any investment we’ve recommended in our 25-year history.

“A Northwestern University professor recently reported on the effects of just one of these new “Cures on Demand” compounds – in this case, a multiple sclerosis-fighting drug.

“He called the results ‘quite dramatic’ and ‘long-lasting’.

“And that’s just one of the many cures this innovation stands to create in the days ahead…

“This ‘Cures on Demand’ technology could soon send dozens, even hundreds of diseases, conditions, and maladies straight into the medical history books.

“In other words, it’s the mother of all drug breakthroughs.

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“And here’s the thing…

“We’ve been closely tracking the one tiny company behind this story for over three years.”

So we’re told that now the “stars are aligned perfectly” for this company and their technology — but they’re not well known yet, so you can still buy in cheap.

Criminy, this is a long ad — you can check out the whole thing here if you’d like to. I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t have the patience.

But this next part is really the key, explaining that our top-secret company is going to get rich by saving drug companies billions:

“They’re Closing the Books on Pharma’s Trillion-Dollar ‘Wild Goose Chases’

“From Hippocrates… to Madam Curie… right on up to today’s most advanced research labs… Drug discovery has pretty much been the same old story.

“Years, sometimes decades of trial and error, billions of dollars spent…

“And 999 out of 1000 times, it’s all for naught.

“A recent Forbes study showed that Eli Lilly spends about $4.5 billion in research and development (R&D) overall, for every new drug they actually bring to market!

“GlaxoSmithKline is even worse, at $8.1 billion…

“And AstraZeneca takes the cake, burning through a mind-boggling $12 billion per ‘success.’

“‘At $12 billion per drug, inventing medicines is a pretty unsustainable business,’ says Forbes biotech expert, Matthew Herper.

“‘But,’ Herper adds, ‘If a drug company could promise to invent new medicines for [millions instead of billions], its stock price would soar like Apple’s.’

“And that’s exactly what this Cures on Demand technology is primed to do.

“The days of billion dollar hunts for needles in haystacks are about to end.

“Thanks to one company, it’s as if we now have a GPS that instantly zeroes in on exactly where the needle is hidden.”

So it is, at the very least, a great story. So who’s the company?

Well, we need a bit more in the way of clues before we can fill up the hopper on the ol’ Thinkolator this afternoon — sometimes I like to jump up confide