What’s Chris Wood touting as “The #1 Ten-Bagger Biotech Play for 2020?”

What's being teased in the ads for Mauldin's new Healthy Returns newsletter? Editor Chris Wood says, "It’s not a penny stock or risky startup. FDA approval of its blockbuster new drug is just a few short months away—and this one investment alone could hand you a small fortune in 2020."

This article was originally published back in August, 2019 when we were getting lots of questions about Chris Wood’s teaser pitch — the ad is still largely the same, most of the hints and projections are identical and he still expects that February 2020 approval will send the stock soaring (yes, we’re still getting this ad in our inboxes this week, in May, promising that February 2020 jump).

So most of what follows is from our original article and the original teaser ad last summer, published on August 20, 2019, but I have thrown in some updates since the story has changed quite a bit.


We haven’t looked at a biotech teaser pitch in a little while, so this one for a new Mauldin Economics newsletter caught my eye… Chris Wood is helming Healthy Returns, along with celebrity doctor Michael Roizen (now referred to as a “wellness guru” and head of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, he is also a doctor and has partnered on a bunch of projects with Dr. Oz).

Apparently they’re going to be picking “the very best health and wellness stocks” for subscribers, and also, as is fairly common in the investment newsletter industry, offering up health and wellness tips (publishers have noticed that their average newsletter subscribers are both in their wealthiest and most investing-focused years, their 50s and 60s, and in their highest-healthcare-interest years).

I don’t know how the letter will do, of course, and it’s brand new and we haven’t heard anything from subscribers yet… it’s priced as an entry level “wealth and wellness” letter ($49/year), and we’ll probably see more pitches from them if this one works, but you don’t have to rush into anything. We’ll check out the clues for you, identify the “10 times richer” stock they’re pitching this time around, and give you the chance to think for yourself a bit. Then, if you want to subscribe, you can do so without dreams of buying Jeffrey Epstein’s private island (bring your own Clorox wipes) getting in the way of your rational thought.

Here are the bullet points they start us with at the top of the ad:

  • “Doctors and millions of patients already demand it
  • Insurance companies have agreed to pay for it
  • FDA approval is just months away
  • It may be bigger than blockbuster Lipitor—the world’s #1 best-selling drug
  • And early investors can DOUBLE their investment in as little as six months… and ten times or more in 2022 and beyond!”

OK, so what are we looking at? As the Lipitor reference indicates, this is a cholesterol drug of some sort. Here’s a bit more:

“In the US alone, more than 102 million people have high cholesterol. Perhaps you’re one of them.

“Living with high LDL cholesterol puts you at a significant risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) because cholesterol, especially the bad LDL cholesterol that builds up in your arteries, can lead to a heart attack, stroke, and death.”

And we’ve all heard about the problems and side effects of statins, at least for some people… so this is a pitch about a non-Statin solution:

“One biotech company is tackling this statin problem head-on with a revolutionary NON-STATIN drug discovery that could end high LDL cholesterol woes forever… and make early investors incredibly wealthy!

“FDA approval, in my estimation, is just months away… and so are skyrocketing profits.”

More hinting on that point:

“… one company has stepped into the gap to bring desperately needed cholesterol relief to millions of people.