“U.S. Federal Court Ruling Creates ‘Virtual Monopoly’ For One Tiny Company”

Friday File look at teaser for Zachary Scheidt's Hedge Fund Strategist

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 23, 2011

“When this controversial law takes effect on October 1, 2011… folks who act now could get ‘hedge fund rich'”

That’s how Zachary Scheidt is launching his new service, called Hedge Fund Strategist from Taipan, a publisher in the Baltimore Agora-plex (Taipan is currently in the process of renaming itself “Insiders Strategy Group,” just to keep us all confused with yet another generic publisher name after KCI Investing renamed itself “Investing Daily”).

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He’d like you to sign up as a “Charter Member” of his Hedge Fund Strategist (and yes, “Charter Member” is newsletterspeak for “we don’t have a track record yet”), but it is of course so exclusive that you can’t just subscribe (they say it’ll cost $2,100 when they offer it to new subscribers). The only way to get access to the new letter they’re teasing now is by becoming one of Taipan/Insiders Strategy Group’s lifetime members, which they call the “Millionaire’s Circle” — several publishers do this, and it seems like a good business plan for them to get guaranteed cash up front. You pay a big fee to “buy in” (usually in the range of $2,500-$5,000) and then an annual “maintenance fee” of a hundred bucks or so and you get all their newsletters (or some smaller package of “most” of their letters) for as long as they’re published. In this case, the pitch is for a $3,900 membership in the Millionaire’s Circle, and one of your benefits is the “special investment bulletin” called “This Tiny Company Could Make You Hedge Fund Rich!”

Which is a long way of leading up to my point today: let’s find out a bit more about this “tiny company” without joining the “Millionaire’s Circle,” shall we?

The basic spiel form Scheidt is that the government’s new financial regulations have created a loophole of sorts that creates a “virtual monopoly” for one company. Or, as he puts it …

“A controversial U.S. Congressional Act (backed by a federal court ruling) has just created one of the most unusual — and lucrative — investment opportunities of the past 37 years.”

And of course, it’s top-secret and you couldn’t possibly learn about it from anyone else:

“I’m very confident that folks who get in now can expect to double or even triple their investment over the next 18 months.

“Of course, most people will completely miss out ...

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