What is “Hackberry’s $10 Billion Secret?”

Keith Kohl's "How the Rise of a New $200 Billion American Industry Could Pay You a Lifetime of Growing Profits"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 9, 2015

Several readers have forwarded this latest ad about the “Hackberry Secret” to me, and those who read the Friday File last week might find that we’re covering similar ground here — no surprise, there are likely to be more pitches about this new “Secret” in the months to come.

But is it really a secret? Are there billions of dollars about to be created out of nothing in the bayou swamps?

Here’s how the latest ad for High Yield Energy Report($295/year) opens…

“This dirt-poor bayou town — and several others in the U.S. just like it — is about to become the source of billions in new wealth…

“Here’s how to claim your stake now — before the mainstream press discovers this story — and get paid thousands for the rest of your life”

Sounds interesting, right? Perhaps it’s some secret that folks haven’t noticed yet? Is Angel P