What’s “The Donald J. Trump Income Retirement Plan?”

How does Ian Wyatt think we can invest like the Donald?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 12, 2015

This is just silly. Politicians always find their names appropriated by newsletter ad campaigns, because it’s an easy way to catch your eye — you’re already (or maybe not you, but lots of folks) feeling passionate about Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or President Obama or whoever… so if those names are blazoned across an ad, you’re more likely to open the ad and read a bit of it… and then, of course, the copywriter has done his job.

So what do you find when you start reading this one? Well, essentially it’s just a pitch that Donald Trump made most of his money from owning real estate, and therefore you should try to make money owning real estate, too.

Who knows, maybe if The Donald has got you in a lather about a Mexican wall, or about the red Starbucks cups or whatever else (and it doesn’t matter which side of any of these “hot topics” you drift toward, just that you react to them), maybe that will increase the odds that you’ll read the ad… but make no mistake, using a celebrity or politician’s name in an ad is just a way to get your attention for the extra couple seconds that a copywriter needs to spark a greed impulse in your brain. You see the Donald Trump name, it makes you pause for long enough to give the ad some attention, you think in the back of your head, “hey, Donald Trump is rich and owns lots of buildings” … boom, you’re on your way to being one of the 0.1% of people on the email list who subscribe to their newsletter, and their work is done.

Or actually, it’s not done — once you’ve shown them that you’re a person who’s willing to pay for information and subscribe to newsletters, the next step is to spend a couple years trying to upgrade you to the more profitable newsletters for their “select” readers.

But I digress. We were talking about how to make you rich like Donald Trump, right? The ad is from Ian Wyatt for his High Yield Wealth newsletter, and we’re going to find out which investments he’s teasing (if you’re looking for that infrastructure investment that Donald Trump is teased as owning by another newsletter, that’s a different spiel — we covered it here). It opens up thusly:

“Discover Trump’s little-known secret to collecting income for life!

“Select investors are collecting checks totaling $3,887…$5,592…and as much as $30,583”

He goes on to talk about how Trump is both controversial and how he has a gift for making money in real estate, as well as to name-drop some other celebrities who have some huge land holdings — including probably the least Trump-y land holdings on earth, the big ranches owned by Jeff Bezos and Ted Turner.

And to make the point that real estate is, in at least some measures, in a boom period around the world again now…

“Just this year, 23 real estate tycoons joined the Forbes Billionaires List – all thanks to their real estate holdings.

“It’s easy to see why these “mini-Trumps” are doing so well…

“Research firm MSCI says property prices gained nearly 10% globally this year – the best performing year since 2007.

“Real Estate Boom of 2016

“The global boom for real estate is just getting started.

“One sign is that the volume of property changing hands – office buildings, shopping malls, apartments and hotels – is up a whopping 36% from last year.

“And that’s just in America.”

Then we get to the “you don’t have to be left out” bit…

“With a strengthening economy and the Federal Reserve committed to ultra-low interest rates for as long as possible…

“Real estate is likely to continue its long-term upward trajectory.

“But let’s face it…few of us are ever going to be real estate developers or tycoons.

“Or own more than a couple of properties….

“The truth is, you can start sharing in this big money all year round.

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“You can be a part of the real estate boom that’s making Donald Trump – and other tycoons – very rich….

“You don’t even need to own a single property.”

So how do you do this? Well, some of you are undoubtedly jumping ahead of the class on this one… but yes, he’s talking about being a partner in real estate ownership, not a direct owner and landlord. Here’s a bit more:

“So what is this extraordinary way of profiting from real estate…without owning a single property?

“I call it The Donald J. Trump Income Retirement Plan

“Trump himself outright owns very few properties.

“… instead of owning the properties himself, Trump simply becomes a ‘silent partner’…

“Allowing others to assume the headaches of managing properties and finding tenants.”

Surprising? No, I think we all know that The Donald is not posting ads on Craigslist to find tenants — like with most commercial property and new developments, the real estate he controls is often actually owned by individual corporations or partnerships in which he has a stake, and management companies (including ones that he owns) manage the properties. Trump’s political disclosure forms list hundreds of these partial stakes and limited partnerships.

And, as is so often the case, we get the long littany of windfall checks that other investors have received… without any indication of what the size of their initial investment was.

“Michael Licalsi has been doing this for years. Over the last year and a half, he’s received nearly two dozen checks totaling $5,592.

“Or Daniel Bradbury of San Diego. This year, he’s made $2