“Three Biotechs that Could Revolutionize Medicine (and make you RICH!)”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 30, 2009

Move over Geron, Genentech and Osiris… The next generation in revolutionary biotechs has arrived.

“(And they may be the only way to make money in this market!)

“Each one of these 3 breakout stocks could realistically bring you gains of 128%, 185%, or even 422% in the next 6 months!”

That heady promise introduces an ad from Hot Stock Confidential, one that I’ll start looking at today and will continue to review in the days ahead — it’s a teaser for three stocks, and it looks like I should be able to unravel the first one or two of them today, let’s see what we’ve got.

The intro is all about claiming credit for the big run in Geron shares, after they got approval to test a stem cell therapy back in January, and making the case that an effective cure for cancer is the “holy grail of medicine” — hard to argue with that.

And that “holy grail” is where there’s potential for big money to be made, apparently (no mention in the ad of losing big money, of course, which has been the fate of most grail seekers in biotech and elsewhere).

But anyway, the revolutionary gains made by the companies who have made big discoveries is certainly what most biotech investors shoot for. And according to Laura Cadden, “That’s the kind of potential I see for 3 tiny biotechs I’ve just uncovered.”

To find out more about them, she’d like you to sign up for a subscription to her Hot Stock Confidential newsletter, which will run you somewhere between $299 and $499 according to the various ads I’ve seen (this particular ad is pushing the “sale price” of $299).

The newsletter seems mostly focused on biotech and similar small cap high-risk, high potential stocks, though I don’t know anything about the editor — it’s from Today’s Financial News, which appears to be yet another spinoff from one of the many big Baltimore newsletter publishers (Agora, Taipan, etc.).

But you don’t care about where it’s from, I imagine — you care about these “hot stock” ideas. What are the biotechs that are being teased here today, biotech companies that are fighting cancer and seeking that “holy grail?”

We’ll start, appropriately enough, with the first one …

“Company A: Supercharging the immune system”

“Our body’s immune system defends us from infectious disease and foreign matter.

“Lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, are agents of the immune system.

“Two key types of lymphocytes derived from stem cells in the bone marrow are B cells and T cells.

“B cells remain in the bone marrow. As long as a foreign antigen is present, they can produce antibodies.

“T cells finish their development in the thymus.

“A major subtype is the Cytotoxic (“killer”) T cells. They attack cells that carry foreign or abnormal antigens on their surface

“Imagine it as a kind of Rottweiler trained to recognize antigens with specific molecules.

“Company A uses a proprietary technology that instructs cytotoxic cells to inject deadly proteins into tumor cells.

“This induces cell death.

“Let’s be clear about this because it’s pretty amazing stuff…

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“Company A’s treatment actually “teaches” our body’s own killer T cells to attack and kill cancerous cells!

“Even more remarkable: That targeted “killer” knowledge then remains in our T cells….

“This treatment “teaches” the immune system to fight the specific cancerous cells it’s targeting—forever.

“It’s called “active immunity”.

“The company already has drugs in Phase I and II clinical trials to treat different types of cancer.

“And its technology is being applied to a variety of other diseases.

“Company A is on target to bring an entirely new approach to cancer treatment and right now, it’s stock is trading for under $4!

“One breakthrough… one news release touting success… could send this stock to the moon! And give early investors potential gains of 422%!”

So … since the ad note