“The Apple Effect: One Stock to Profit from the Next iDevice” (Ian Wyatt)

Sniffing out the next winning Apple supplier from Wyatt's 100K portfolio teaser

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 23, 2012

Now that Apple is the largest public company in the world, and the most popular stock, the eagerness with which newsletter guys tout “secret” Apple suppliers is ramping up still more … impressive in itself, since the basic “buy Apple suppliers” pitch has been around and making money for subscription-sellers ever since Synaptics was pitched for their contribution of the “click wheel” to the original iPods.

And now it’s Ian Wyatt, in a teaser that many Gumshoe readers have been asking about that touts the “next iDevice” as the source of favorite Apple supplier’s next profit boom. He’s throwing this tease out there as he recruits members for Ian Wyatt’s $100K Portfolio, which is one of those “I’m putting my real money to work and you can follow my portfolio” services that most publishers offer (and for what it’s worth, this one is relatively inexpensive at $39 for the first year).

So what is he teasing? Well, let’s take you down the rabbit hole into the teaser to give you a taste of the pitch:

“Before his untimely death, Steve Jobs unveiled top-secret designs for a revolutionary new iDevice to interconnect ALL of Apple’s smart technology…

“Prototypes are believed to be in development for a late 2012 release–and there’s just ONE STOCK you need to own to capitalize on the crowning Apple-Jobs innovation….

“Those plans included a postmortem release that will seamlessly connect ALL of Apple’s existing smart technology with a single game-changing ‘Smart Hub’ device.

“And to the delight of consumers and investors alike, it will grace millions of homes and offices as soon as late-2012.

“When it comes to market, it will not only define a new category of telecommunications and bring smiles to the faces of millions — but also make some savvy investors very wealthy in the time it takes to say, ‘Think Different.’

“And if history is any indication, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see a million or more of the next revolutionary iDevice sold on launch day.

“But Apple and its shareholders won’t be the only winners…

“Because while I fully expect Apple component suppliers like Foxconn, Jabil Circuit Inc., and Qualcomm Inc. to profit immensely from the introduction of the next iDevice… they won’t be the names that we remember from the introduction of Apple latest game-changing technology.”

And then he gets into some more specific — and mouthwatering, for the money-grubbing investo-lusters among us — predictions for his pick:

“I’ve just identified the ONE AND ONLY TECH STOCK you need to capture outsized profits in the next 6-18 months.

“And I can’t think of a better or more direct way to play the ongoing Apple craze.

“That’s because right now, shares of this long-standing Apple supplier are not only heavily discounted, but show enormous growth potential leading up to the next iDevice launch.

“Which is why I fully expect investors to see a 50% return before year’s end.”