“Energy’s $40 Billion Killer App”

Checking out Zachary Scheidt's dividend tease that "Creates new natural gas fields"

“Far from the muddy shale gas fields of the Bakken, a radical new drill-less technology could render fracking nearly obsolete.

“Here’s how this breakthrough has quietly created a virtual monopoly for one unlikely company that could… make you a small fortune….

“This company has the PERFECT business model.

“When I first uncovered the secret technology this company is using, I was dumbfounded. It’s genius.

“And recently, people have started to take notice. The company’s share price shot up as much as 35% in 2013.

“Recently, it’s pulled back a bit. But that’s good news for you because…

“The dip is a buying opportunity.”

That’s a good lead-in, right? The words are from Zachary Scheidt, who these days edits the Income & Dividend Report for Contrarian Profits (that publisher and newsletter have changed names and editors several times in the years I’ve been writing Stock Gumshoe — you might remember them as Taipan or “Insiders Strategy Group.”)

And the pitch is for an almost ideal company — they create gas… without the drilling or fracking that makes everyone mad. They have a monopoly (investors love a nice yummy monopoly).

So what is this secret company? Here’s a bit more from the ad…

“Technology Creates New Natural Gas Fields

“If you’ve spent any time online recently, you’ve no doubt read about America’s resurgence in oil and natural gas production. If you were savvy enough to get in on this rush 10 years ago, you’d probably be sitting on a mountain of cash right now.

“But if you didn’t… and you think you’ve missed out on getting in on the natural gas revolution… the next few minutes could change your financial future for decades to come. Because…

“I’ve discovered a company that’s exploiting a hidden natural gas reserve without the use of conventional drilling or dangerous fracking.

“Instead, it uses a special killer app gas extraction method that I call the Ten Hills Technique.”

Oh, man. Does that sound familiar? The “Ten Hills Technique?” Yep, this one is a rehash of an old teaser pitch for Unconventional Wealth, a different newsletter from the same publisher. It might ring a bell for those of you who’ve been sailing the good ship Gumshoe for a few years.

But for the rest of you, we won’t spoil the surprise just yet… let me snip out a few more clues for you and then we’ll get to the details.

“It all started around 1975 in a small community just down the road from Los Angeles.

“It’s no secret that California is an early adopter for environmentally friendly activities. And this time they got it right.

“Because this little community was the first in the United States to use the special drill-less natural gas extraction technique to power its entire town….

“… it can be used everywhere. And that flexibility has opened doors for the company I’ve found to use the Ten Hills Technique all over the country.

“The best news is it doesn’t matter even if natural gas prices hit historic highs or historic lows. This company stands to make money either way.

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“What it’s doing is so ingenious and creates such an unfair advantage that it seems criminal.

“But I assure you it’s 100% legal.

“In fact, some local governments across the country have gone out of their way to eliminate this company’s competition.”

So who is it? One more snippet of clues, then I promise we’ll reveal all:

“Amazingly enough, the service this company provides has nothing to do with the traditional natural gas industry.

“Yet it has quietly become a major player in the resource market by using the Ten Hills Technique.

“I’ll show you how to get all the details in my Special Investment Report ‘The Ten Hills Technique: Securing Your Retirement Through the Secret Natural Gas Market.'”

So what is the service this company provides?

Hauling trash.

And what’s the “Ten Hills Technique?” Extracting methane fro