Fracking Ban: “Is President Obama About to Start a New Civil War?”

Checking out a teaser for Income & Dividend Report

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 22, 2013

One thing all newsletter teaser ad copywriters know for sure is that controversy gets attention.

You can predict the continuing slow decline of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency … or you can predict the END OF AMERICA.

And you can predict that the federal government will issue new regulations on hydrofracturing after the EPA reports on their latest study next year … or you can shout that President Obama is going to ban fracking and “Start a new Civil War.”

Obviously, predicting a new civil war, or the end of America, or the “One stock you need to own forever” is the way to go if you want to get the attention of a fickle email-reading public … it’s cheap to send email ads to all and sundry, but it’s also easy for readers to scan those ads for a moment and quickly lose interest if it doesn’t titillate or tease something really tasty.

So that’s what we’ve got today — an ad for Jim Nelson’s new Income & Dividend Report that gets our attention thusly:

“Is President Obama About to Start a New Civil War?

“In the next 12 months, an executive order from the president could change the course of American history and possibly spark an armed conflict on U.S. soil….

“When he strides to the White House podium to announce this executive order, 1.7 million Americans will immediately lose their jobs.

“The most important industry in the country will see its collective value chopped in half…

“The fragile American economy will collapse, and the stock market with it.

“Even worse, Obama’s decision will lead to a Civil War in one very specific part of the country — which I’ll reveal in a moment….”

There’s a long spiel after that, but basically it comes down to this: Nelson says he thinks “the most likely outcome” is that Obama will ban fracking, and that will spark a revolt in Texas that will turn into an armed revolt and a military intervention to stop fracking (and Texas splitting itself into five states, among other things).

Which is pretty crazy on the face of it, but there you have it. That’s the backdrop. And I suppose crazier things have happened, though not in my lifetime.

And what investment does he think will benefit from this?

The infrastructure MLPs.

Here’s the logic, in his words:

“The Only Winner From a National Fracking Ban….

“One very specific part of the American oil complex is likely to thrive…

“If you’re invested in this subsector, you could see your investment jump immediately if Obama signs a fracking ban.

“Over the first few months of the ban, you could potentially double or triple your money…

“So which oil sector actually stands to profit from this ban?

“Refineries and pipelines.

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