“The Boomer Index … best income investment in America right now” (Zach Scheidt)

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 26, 2013

It isn’t necessarily easy to make money from broad demographic shifts, since they take time and are difficult to predict in a detailed way — but the move of the baby boom generation through the various stages of their life to now has had a momentous impact on almost every part of American life, from health care to education to public works to investing to, well, whatever you can think of. The boomers have been the American generation that has most enjoyed the fruits of the “American Century”, and they’re continuing to shape our society and our economy as they begin to retire.

Does that mean we can get rich from planning on that? Well, maybe — but it’s not particularly easy. We’ve never had a large cohort of people retire from work and expect to maintain their lifestyle for another 30 years before, but that’s what many 60-year-olds are looking at today: Great health and expected longevity, at least compared to 60-year-old’s of their parent’s generation, but dramatic financial insecurity for even the upper middle class folks in that group. It’s hard to finance 30 years of retirement and high health care costs from the savings you’ve acquired during 40 years of work, especially if — unlike younger folks now — you worked with the expecta