Jim Woods’ “Diamond in the Rough” e-commerce play

Checking out the first of the "Guardian Angel" stocks teased by Intelligence Report

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 13, 2021

This email hit the inbox and caught my eye today, from publisher Roger Michalski for one of the Eagle Financial publications:

“Seeing that consumers — the driving force behind our economy — are consuming in record numbers online…

“e-Commerce certainly is the place to be.

“The profit numbers shown here prove it.

“But where is the best e-Commerce place to be?

“Jim Woods, editor of Intelligence Report (and the #1 Financial Blogger in the World, according to TipRanks.com) has uncovered what he calls an e-Commerce diamond-in-the-rough.

“Jim’s predicating it could soon shine brighter than Amazon.”

That email came in yesterday, January 12, though the ad that it links to is undated — so what’s the story? Well, they’re trying to sell Jim Woods’ Intelligence Report newsletter ($77/yr) with a pitch for “Guardian Angel” stocks — five stocks that he thinks will “survive pandemics and recessions.” Including, presumably, that “diamond in the rough” e-commerce stock he hints at in the email.

So… I’m always interested in finding a resilient stock, or an e-commerce stock, and if you can name some stocks that you’re sure will survive a recession, well, sure I’ll take a gander — shall we try to ID those stocks for you?

I thought you’d never ask. Here are the clues and enticements for that first idea…

“5 Companies, 5 Sectors, 5 Unbeatable Opportunities to Grow Your Portfolio During and After COVID-19

“Jim’s first pick, an eCommerce powerhouse, is set for a 4,327% gain! ….

“Jim’s taking a hard pass on Amazon at around $3,000 a share, and buying its competitor.

“It’s his #1 recommendation in e-Commerce today….

“… with COVID-19 spiking higher in most states…

“Online sales are set to see more stratospheric gains.

“Over the past year, its shares have gained 92%, rising almost 4x higher than Amazon’s shares.

“Better still, while Amazon’s shares rose an impressive 474% over five years, this company’s shares rose over 4,000%.

“Yet, it trades at a mere fraction of Amazon’s share price.

“Therefore, you won’t need a second mortgage to buy 100 shares of this company like you would with Amazon….

“… independent analysts are predicting its stock could soon be priced at well over $1,000 a share.

“Quoting one analyst:

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“‘This is arguably the market’s most exciting and powerful growth stock, with tons of upside potential still left.'”

He calls this a “David and Goliath” story, and says they had a huge holiday season — so apparently this ad is at least somewhat current:

“This past Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the company realized $2.9 billion in total sales.

“Processing 16,000 checkouts per minute.

“In 2019, nearly 300 million consumers around the world purchased goods from merchants selling on this company’s platform….

“Big name retailers like Heineken, Staples, General Mills, D-Link, Pepsi, Gymshark, Nestle, Staples, Kraft Heinz and Kylie Jenner’s multimillion-dollar cosmetic business are now using this company’s platform.”

OK, so this is a little disappointing — but despite the fairly recent-sounding Black Friday hints, and the urgency implied by the “these are the hot ideas for a COVID resurgence”, it turns out that most of those hints are from about six months ag