Are “Liquid Electricity Cubes” Really Going to be a Mega-Industry you can “cash in” on?

De-teasifying the latest ad pitch from Casey International Speculator -- what's the stock and the story?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 3, 2019

We’ll start at the end today, this is from the order form for Casey’s International Speculator

“It’s a $33 billion rollout of liquid electricity across the nation by big business… and several government agencies. It’s a historic opportunity backed by Executive Order 13817, and big fish like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson (and top investment banks) are streaming into this space.

“I understand it could mean up to 64 times my money and time is of the essence. Plus, this special savings will disappear soon.”

And, of course, all that urgency is designed to let you “lock in” your annual subscription to International Speculator for $1,995 (no refunds, though they say they’ll credit you toward a different Agora-published newsletter if you don’t like this one — they key with all the high-end letters, of course, is to get your money and get you comfortable with spending a couple thousand dollars a year for ongoing investment research, they don’t care which product you choose).

So hold off a minute, let’s figure out which stocks they’re teasing, then you can make your decision. Don’t ever commit to a high-priced subscription just to find out the name of a “secret” stock, it’s both literally and psychologically expensive (once you pay for an idea, you lose much of your ability to think about it critically — only a dummy would spend two grand and then NOT buy the stock they’re touting, right? And I’m not a dummy!)

Which means we need to scour through the “presentation” to get some clues for you. The ad comes from Dave Forest, who runs this newsletter for Casey (now owned by Stansberry), and he starts us off with a very mysterious-sounding reference to “liquid electricity cubes” — which means this is my very favorite kind of ad, the ones that make up new terms to hide their ideas behind a cloak of mystery. Here’s a taste:

“… thanks to Executive Order 13817, “Liquid Electricity Cubes” could soon be installed nationwide to shield local communities.

Bloomberg reports these ‘cubes’ are a mega-industry set to explode as high as 6,400%. Here’s how you can cash in this year…”

We get all kinds of exciting graphics, too — President Trump signing his Executive Order, a photo of a strange looking box that looks somehow electrical, some maps about where these “cubes” are already deployed….

“One of them is in place to shield a Social Security Office. And there are plans to protect more so benefit checks can be cut without interruption.

“There’s one to protect the New York Stock Exchange so the estimated $169 billion in daily transactions continues.

“The Food and Drug Administration has one.

“The U.S. Army just set up a huge Liquid Electricity Cube at Fort Bliss, Texas.”

Along with dozens of other ex