Looking at Casey’s “Red Gold” teaser: “The Maverick Behind Some of History’s Rarest Mining Stock Gains (3,900%, 9,536%, 1,608%) — Has Just Made a New Discovery”

This ad talks up "red gold" and says that "One small, publicly traded small-cap owns the rights to this massive deposit. And when this news reaches the mainstream by April 2017… share prices could go parabolic."

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 6, 2017

This teaser is not particularly secretive — most people who follow mining stocks will recognize the stock they’re talking about almost immediately (and the shares are already rising this morning as a result). But most people don’t follow mining stocks in much detail, so when they read the ad it sounds like an incredible secret that only the Casey Research folks possess… which, naturally, is their argument about why you should subscribe to their newsletter.

And it’s not one of those “entry level” letters — this is a pitch for Casey’s International Speculator, which is helmed by Louis James and costs $2,000 a year. We’ve been writing about Louis’ teasers every now and again for years, his most successful picks that were promoted this way came out in March of 2015 when Casey was pitching the “7 top gold stocks” — four or five of those did fantastically well (Kaminak was taken over a year later for 250% gains, several others did almost as well and outperformed the GDXJ ETF), and a couple were stinkers, which is probably par for the course for junior miners (the worst by far was Rubicon, which was a favorite of several newsletters from time to time but essentially went to zero in bankruptcy reorganization, though Dalradian Resources has been very weak compared to the sector).

That turned out to be a really, really good time to pick a bunch of junior miners, but he did pick an above average bunch. We shouldn’t overstate that — his prior picks that were teased at worse times for junior miners mostly did quite poorly, so picking the right sector at the right time is clearly important, but that time Louis James and the Casey folks did, at least, choose upper echelon juniors to get behind.

So what is it that they’re pitching now? Here’s a little taste of the ad about a “two-mile stretch of land” in Canada…

“Just like the search for King Solomon’s Mine, for 155 years over 800 prospectors and geologists have scoured this region of Canada hunting for the elusive Main Vein….

“Finally, after a century and a half of exploration, a little-heralded mining company led by a Maverick geologist has hit the mother lode – a high grade gold deposit that everyone was after.

“Word is spreading