What the heck is “Brandt Oil?”

What's the "miracle fuel" being pitched by Casey's Dave Forest?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 13, 2018

Lots of folks have been asking about Dave Forest’s ad for Brandt Oil, which is apparently in every email inbox in the land this week… the ad is for Casey’s International Speculator, which is apparently helmed by Forest now, and for which they’d like to receive $1,995 from you for a year’s subscription (no refunds, as seems to be the case with most of the “premium priced” letters these days).

It’s the ultimate in foolishness to spend $2,000 to learn about a hot stock tip, of course — that predisposes you to actually believe the hype in the ad, and you’re committing to a long-term advisory service on the basis of one over-inflated idea. So go ahead and subscribe to Forest’s letter if that’s the kind of thing you like, and if your portfolio’s big enough to justify a $2,000 annual payment to get advice on one small portion of that portfolio (assuming, of course, that you only allocate a small part of your portfolio to speculative natural resources stocks)… but let us dig into the ad for you first, explain what this “Brandt Oil” is, and get you the name of the stock. That way, at least, you can think for yourself a bit.

Here’s a bit of the ad that entices us:

“Trump’s Executive Order Unleashes Nationwide Hunt for “Brandt Oil”

“New oil grade—set to replace Brent Crude—has already shown investors returns of 3,750%, 1,600%, 4,628% and 2,343%

“An estimated $1.03 billion reserve of this new fuel is the first and only U.S. deposit with near-term production… and 100% owned by a tiny $2 company.”

This argument is all built on an executive order that President Trump apparently signed over the winter…

“President Trump quietly signed what may go down in the financial books as his most significant executive order.

“It states that within 180 days (which started on February 16th, 2018), the Department of the Interior… along with the U.S. Geological Survey…

“Must submit to the White House, a plan to improve the most advanced topographic, geologic, and geophysical data for the entire United States (excluding only national security locations like Area 51, military bases etc).

“The ultimate goal…?

“To identify and unlock over 1 million tons of a new “super-fuel” and other mineral resources on U.S. soil.”

That’s true, though a plan to improve the US understanding of a bunch of strategic minerals is not exactly a new thing — the government has gone through waves of caring deeply about this kind of stuff before, from uranium and rare earth minerals to regular old crude oil, and while the current interior department is more likely to spend money on helping these resources to get identified, and perhaps less likely to be an impediment to mining operations in environmentally sensitive areas, this does not necessarily mean that we’ll be bulldozing all the national parks to find more “Brandt Oil” starting on August 18. Here’s the Federal Register notice about that Executive Order, by the way, if you’d like to see the plain info.

More from the ad:

“America could soon switch to a new, more advanced higher grade of fuel.

“We call it “Brandt Oil,” and it’s quickly becoming the new standard for fuel.

“And while “Brandt Oil” is NOT a hydrocarbon or a dire