Friday File part 1: “Accidental Discovery” and a 10-Cent Stock?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 26, 2020

I saved this teaser pitch to cover for you, dear Irregulars… and I confess that it’s mostly because covering a company this tiny and illiquid for our larger group of free readers feels a little bit irresponsible. Even if I say cynical or skeptical things about a stock, talking to thousands of my closest friends about it all at once seems likely to have a huge impact on the stock price.

I know, I know, we’re all adults and you can certainly make your own decisions… but I would feel a little guilty if I covered the stock and our attention caused it to create a “pump and dump” opening for somebody. But it’s a story a lot of you have asked about and that sounds kind of interesting, so I thought I could at least cover it for our much smaller group of my favorite folks, the Irregulars, and share a few thoughts about the company.

The ad is for Investing Whisperer from Keith Schaefer (“on sale” for $99/month, which adds up to $1,188/year) — Schaefer has been around about as long as Stock Gumshoe, though for most of that time he has specialized in energy investments with his Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin. In recent years, it seems to me he has done more paid promotion of companies with “sponsored articles,” which always leaves a bad taste in my mouth but might be what kept the lights on during the oil crash, but has also launched this new Whisperer paid service that looks for non-energy investment opportunities.

So what’s he teasing? Well, you are a paid member and saw that little Quick Take box at the top, so you already know the answer is a little company called Venzee… but let’s just take the teaser solution path we usually tread here. This is the headline that caught everyone’s attention:

“An ‘Accidental Discovery’ Is About To Shock the Market…

“And Turn This 10-Cent Stock into the Biggest Payout of my Career”

He likens the “accident” here to Viagra, the erectile disfunction pill that was originally intended to be a blood pressure treatment but went on to blockbuster status and a starring role in our culture. More from the ad…

“… dozens more ‘lucky accidents’ have gone on to generate millions, even billions in profits.

“And I am all but certain I’ve found a new one.

“A company ...

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