What’s Katusa’s “Forever Royalties?” Ian Wyatt teases that this “Canadian Insider Reveals #1 Stock for 1,993% Profits”

What's all this talk of "royalty checks" and a new "toll road" in an $80 billion industry?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 1, 2019

I covered this teaser pitch from Marin Katusa as part of a Friday File for our Irregulars way back in February, and I’m getting buckets of questions about this “Forever Royalties” pitch again so I thought I should double check and update this — and share it with everyone, not just our paying members (yes, you Irregulars are still my favorite people, but we love all our readers here at Stock Gumshoe).

The ad is now being promoted by Ian Wyatt to his lists, using an interview that he did with Marin… and the ad is still for his Katusa’s Resource Opportunities newsletter ($2,500, no refunds). The ad is almost unchanged, though it has one or two little updates since the facts have changed, and, as you might not be surprised to hear, the answer is the same one I provided the last time Katusa pitched a royalty story, though my thinking about the company and its position has evolved a bit over the past year. Wyatt isn’t alone in this co-promotion, incidentally, Katusa has worked with several other publishers in the past month or so to re-promote this “forever royalties” idea as well (that kind of thing is very common in the newsletter world), but it’s Wyatt that’s hitting the inbox this week.

Last summer, Marin was promoting the idea of “Independence Day Royalties” with a tease that was very light on clues. I guessed back then that he was hinting at Lucara Diamond, the best match I could identify, and, to spoil the surprise right up front, I think that’s still the company he’s teasing today.

Why so? He doesn’t drop a lot of clues, but these are the ones I gleaned from his latest ad, which he calls “Forever Royalties” and says will be “my single biggest investment ever”:

“A disruptive new development—similar to a ‘toll-road’ crossing three continents—will completely turn a secretive $80 billion resource industry upside down….

“I call this opportunity ‘Forever Royalties,’ for two reasons:

“One, because this rare resource can truly last a lifetime…

“And two, because never before in history have royalties on this valuable commodity been available to anyone outside the industry—until now.”

He goes so far as to compare this to having a royalty on email, or on fracking… which is a pretty effervescent level of hype… but he does also drop a few more specific clues:

“It’s publicly traded… but it’s not a conventional royalty stock.

“If you ran a stock screen for ‘royalty companies,’ you’d never find it.

“Basically, it’s a ‘backdoor’ way to collect royalty checks from this $80 billion industry.”

And it’s well-established enough to have the backing of some big names…

“The investment and management team behind this secret ‘toll-road’ opportunity – all of whom I know and have personally worked with – are the 1-percenters of natural resource companies.”

So what does this company do?

“The company itself owns and runs one of the highest-margin and most valuable operations in the world.

On the surface, it looks just like a boring, well-run, profitable company.”

But, we’re told, the secret sauce hiding underneath the boring, well-run company is their new “toll road” business that will shake up the industry:

“In the current market, because this resource is so valuable, it always gets to where it’s going, from the mine to the end-user…

“But the ‘road’ it travels to get there is long, fractured, inefficient, and not at all transparent.

“Until now.”

More on this idea of a “toll road:”

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