“The ‘Amazon’ of the 5G economy” teased by Zach Scheidt

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 7, 2019

Zach Scheidt is pitching his Lifetime Income Report ($49) newsletter by hinting at some more big 5G winners — and while there’s probably not a whole lot new in the four stocks he’s teasing, since most of the 5G stocks have been discussed to death as we wait for the surge of next-generation profits to emerge, maybe we’ll find something new to talk about or buy.

I won’t bore you with another repetitive look at the explosive future of the 5G wireless standard — we’ll just start out by stipulating yes, 5G is going to have the potential to be 100X faster than 4G, and it will enable all kinds of high-tech new services that we can barely imagine now… and also that it’s going to take many years to build it out across the US and across the world, mostly because 5G uses much shorter-wavelength spectrum and therefore the signals have a much shorter range… meaning that a network will need a lot more base stations to work. (Think about a couple small cell antennas on every block instead of a big cell tower every mile).