Lichtenfeld’s “Killer Hiding in Your Medicine Cabinet” — what’s the “new breakthrough” that will lead to explosive profits?

What's Lichtenfeld pitching as “The Safer Painkiller: How to Capture a 1,000% Profit on the Next Biotech Blockbuster.”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 23, 2018

The beginning of the latest ad from Marc Lichtenfeld’s Lightning Trend Trader is good and juicy, at the very least… how could you not open up the ad and pay attention?

“The KILLER Hiding in Your Medicine Cabinet

“These Common Drugs Take a Life Every 12 Minutes (Who’s at Risk?)

“Here’s the NEW Breakthrough and How You Could Collect $220,000 Starting on May 10, 2018”

He goes on to talk up the risks of opioid drugs, and the ongoing horror of the opioid epidemic… which is certainly being helped along by the fact that yes, the marketing push from Purdue Pharma a few years back helped to make sure that lots of folks had OxyContin in their medicine cabinet.

So that’s the basic back story — in case you happen to have missed the stories of the opioid and heroin epidemic, or in case you’re one of the few folks not to have had family or friends touched by this awful addiction, yes, the estimates are that 137 people a day die from overdoses of prescription painkillers, heroin, or fentanyl… a lot of them initially “hooked” by a legitimate pain prescription from a doctor who thought he was doing the right thing.

And Lichtenfeld goes on to tease the stock of a company that he thinks will profit from going after the opioid addiction problem… something that there are certainly hundreds of researchers working on at this moment (and public policy folks, and health insurance companies, etc. etc.)

Here’s a taste of the ad:

“There’s ONE company tackling this problem…

“They stand to replace these deadly little pills with one that’s better in every imaginable way.

“And it could hand you up to a $1.6 million fortune….

“One tiny Massachusetts lab owns the exclusive patents to this revolutionary treatment for the next 18 years.

“Soon, its discovery will go down in history books…

“It could change modern medicine forever… save millions of lives… and make investors incredibly wealthy.”

We know, of course, to take such dramatic claims with a huge grain of salt… but still, we want to figure out what the company is, and give us a chance to research the full story, before ponying up $4,000 for a subscription to his Lightning Trend Trader. So… what other clues do we get?

“Revenue is set to surge as much as 907%.

“And on May 10, a special announcement could make this company’s shares explode.

“If you get in now, you could buy this stock for around $20…

“And watch with excitement as it climbs to $80… jumps to $140… and rockets past $200!”

And the promises are not at all subtle, no surprise there…

“The Best Painkiller Ever Invented…

“I believe this obscure company could become the No. 1 performing stock out of every publicly traded company in 2018….

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“… it uses an abuse-deterrent, extended release technology.

“And because of that, insurers absolutely love it.

“Cigna, Humana, Navitus and other top health insurance companies have inked deals with the producer of this drug.

“These deals could be worth as much as $3 billion based on the revenues of previous top-selling medications.

“You can imagine what $3 billion in NEW revenue will do to a company with only $27 million in revenue right now…”

Other clues? He tells us a little bit about the actual technology…

“Packed inside every capsule are tiny microspheres.

“These microspheres are like miniature versions of the painkiller itself.

“They’re made of hard, waxy materials designed to release more slowly than traditional painkillers.

“Thanks to this patented technology, it takes longer to break down and releases into the body much more slowly.

“It also sustains its pharmaceutical profile, meaning it doesn’t turn into an ultra-addictive substance.

“It may be the only drug in its