What’s that Sept. 8 “iPhone Killer” All About?

What's being teased for Lou Basenese's Digital Fortunes?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 31, 2021

Today it’s a pitch from Lou Basenese that graces our pages here at Stock Gumshoe… he’s talking up an “iPhone Killer” idea, a notion we’ve certainly heard teased many times. This is how he gets the idea into our heads;

“Kill the iPhone, you say?

“Few companies have the guts to kill an iconic… admired… refined… brilliantly conceived… historically significant… multibillion-dollar business… ON PURPOSE….

“See, by strategically killing, say… an aging business model… a declining product… an outdated design… a tired brand… a fading trend… Sears, Dell, Blockbuster, America Online, Kodak, MySpace, and Yahoo could’ve stayed perched atop their kingdoms.

“It’s called ‘creative destruction.’

“If you’re an investor, I urge you to pay close attention.

“Because in the weeks ahead, Apple could do what Sears, Dell, B