Luke Lango’s “#1 Electric Vehicle Stock of the Decade”

What's being pitched in ads for Luke Lango's Innovation Investor?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 8, 2021

This teaser pitch has been around for a while, but I haven’t looked at a Luke Lango teaser ad yet, and he’s been around for a few years now, so it seems time. Lango has been contributing articles and running some services at Investorplace for a few years, but really got more attention when they started touting him as “America’s Best Stock Picker” in the last year or so, and when they handed him all of Matt McCall’s subscribers when McCall left the company… so now Lango is part of a lot of the “summit” infomercial presentations highlighting growth stock picking, often paired with Investorplace’s most established star, longtime newsletter guy and veteran quant Louis Navellier.

I’ve read a bunch of Lango’s teasers and free articles over the past few months, so we know that he’s very focused on popular new-era tech stocks — Electric Vehicles, 5G, AI, proteomics and genomics, etc., all the buzzwords, and I’ve seen him freely reveal some favorites in the past like Opendoor (OPEN), Schrodinger (SDGR), and a bunch of the SPAC names like Joby Aviation (JOBY), Stem (STEM), Volta (VLTA), Virgin Galactic (SPCE), etc. That’s not a criticism of those stocks specifically (I own SDGR in my $100K Lock Box Portfolio, just FYI), if you want to buy the future those are some of the kinds of stocks you’re buying, and Lango seems to have a long-term focus on buying these ideas, which means he’ll be counting on something like the David Gardner approach to make it work out (having a few 1,000%+ winners who make up for the failures) — that strategy, buying growth and optimism at almost any price, has been spectacular for a few years. Whether or not it’s worth paying the current price for any specific one of the ideas he touts, well, time will tell.

But today, we’re looking at what seems to be Lango’s July 2021 update of an older Matt McCall teaser pitch about the “#1 Electric Vehicle Stock of the Decade.” I don’t know whether he likes the same stocks as McCall did back in 2019 when a similar ad, in that case highlighting the “Jesus Battery” and the “Quantum Glass Battery” began circulating (I last looked at that ad about a year ago, if you want to look back and compare), and we should always be mindful that the most heavily promoted ad for a newsletter is not always teasing the editor’s favorite stock, (it’s often just the ad that has proven to work best at recruiting subscribers — what you can sell matters more in this business than how well your picks do, at least in the short term), but still, I’m curious. So let’s see what’s up.

The intro tells us that Lango is a stock-picking genius…

“One of America’s Top Tech Futurists: The #1 Electric Vehicle Stock of the Decade

“He’s the 25-year-old stock-picking genius who forecasted the rise of Shopify, AMD and Square before they were household names…

“He called the stratospheric rise of GameStop that occurred in 2021…

“He predicted the electric