“Limitless Energy… From Bakken Waste!”

Sara Nunnally sez "This breakthrough technology could render dirty coal obsolete…"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, August 11, 2014

This ad is a re-hash of one that the Macro Trader folks started running a bit over a year ago, when the stock was around a dollar a share — in the 15 or so months since then it shot up to over $2 briefly and then fell back down sharply, including another trop of 15% or so after they released earnings last week.

The ad pitch has changed a little bit since the first time they ran it, so I’ll intersperse some of our original article below along with a few excerpts from the current ad so you can get the flavor of it — the general spiel is still the same, that this company with its small generators that can run on natural gas or methane is the solution to the “flare gas” problem… no more wasted gas, plenty of extra electricity, etc. etc. (We’ve also attached the original article to this piece, so the original comments from readers are at the bottom — you can jump in and add yours as well if you like.)

So what’s the pick? Here’s what we learn:

“BURNING MONEY: The Untold Story of America’s Raging Oil and Gas Boom

“INSIDE: Why Oil Drillers Are Burning off Enough Natural Gas to Power Washington and Chicago…

“Plus, How You Could Make a Killing on the Breakthrough That’s Turning This Wasted Gas Into Big Profits….

“there’s a big problem with this new American oil and gas boom you’re not hearing about…

“Oil companies drilling in America’s huge new reserves are now deliberately burning natural gas.

“That’s right! They’re simply getting rid of it.

“And I’m not talking about just a little bit of natural gas, either.

“But gobs of it!

“As The New York Times reports, every day, they are wasting ‘enough energy to heat half a million homes for a day.’

“And the Daily Mail reports that oil drillers are ‘burning off enough gas to power Chicago and Washington.'”

That’s from the first ad, this is the intro to the current one:

“Imagine a technology that could immediately reduce the cost of electricity for EVERYONE on the planet.

“It would mint millionaires, right?

“Today is your rare chance to be one of them…

“In short, the breakthrough technology you’ll discover today could completely change the way the world gets its power!

“As The New York Times puts it, “History just might repeat itself, with [this company’s energy breakthrough] revolutionizing the power industry just as the microprocessor did the computer industry.”

“Imagine if you had gotten into Intel way back in 1989, when it traded for less than $1 per share…

“Right now, you’d have 22 times your initial stake!

“Well, this technology I’m telling you about today holds an even bigger promise.”

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So they’ve gotten, if anything, more hype-y since last year.

But that’s the basic issue (and promise) — that oil wells, particularly in places like the Bakken formation, are flaring off a lot of natural gas because it’s not worth the effort or expense to capture the gas, connect to a pipeline, and sell it to someone at the current low prices. Oil is much easier to transport, so you can pipe it right out of the well into a truck even if you’re nowhere near a pipeline — not so with gas.

Which means a lot of it is wasted, and that environmental standards are getting to the point where these companies aren’t allowed to simply flare off the gas by burning it at the wellhead.

And that’s where our top secret teased company comes in …

“A breakthrough technique for turning this excess gas into big profits has quietly emerged.

“For companies using this breakthrough technique, the results are astounding.

“And they could care less what the price of natural gas is.

“In fact, the cheaper natural gas, the better….

“Analysts agree that flaring wastes a valuable resource. Burned-off gas, after all, generates zero revenue.

“But imagine if there is a way for these drillers to turn all of that wasted natural gas into CASH…

“WITHOUT having to build expensi