IKCoin, EKCoin and ICoin — De-teasing Manward’s “three most important third-generation cryptos to buy right now”

Andrew Snyder's Manward teases that "These Crypto Plays Could One Day Be Bigger Than Bitcoin" ... and the Thinkolator's got some answers

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 22, 2021

Everybody and his brother seems to have a cryptocurrency-focused newsletter these days, which I guess should come as no surprise — investors see the fortunes that have been made by the lucky early bets on Bitcoin or Ethereum or other cryptos, and they want a piece, which creates a huge demand for anything that might be perceived as wisdom in this space. And Andy Snyder at Manward Press didn’t want to be left out, it appears, because he’s using a tease of some favorite “altcoin” cryptocurrencies to get signups to his Manward Letter… that’s the ad we’ll look at today.

First, let me warn you up front: I have been dabbling in cryptocurrencies for years, having nibbled on Bitcoin starting in late 2013 and on Ethereum in 2016, so I’ve enjoyed getting lucky and harvesting some gains from those nibbles, and I do still hold a position in both, but