Manward’s “Pre-IPO Opportunity of our Lifetimes”

Taking a look at the "6G Superstar" space stock teased by Andy Snyder

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 10, 2021

The lead-in to the latest pitch from Andy Snyder touches on a few “hotter than hot” themes — so it’s no surprise that several folks have been asking about it recently. The ad is dated January 2021, and it promises both a next-wave telecom opportunity in 6G, and a hot exposure to Space, which is a wild investment theme of late as investors anticipate Cathie Wood’s next Space-focused ETF, and it’s somehow also a pre-IPO deal. What more could you want, right?

Well, I guess you could want a reasonable valuation… but we can be pretty sure that ain’t happening, not right now. So what is this secret 6G stock?

Here’s a little bit of the pitch for Manward Letter ($79/yr), to give you a taste — it uses the trickery of the “guess what I’m holding in this box, it’s gonna change the world” imagery to keep you interested…

“Take a look at this box.

“It contains a technology that’s about to blindside 5G, making it obsolete practically overnight…

“Launch a BRAND-NEW market that’s expected to rocket to $1 TRILLION over the next two decades…

“And give early investors in this opportunity a chance to multiply their money many times over as it does.

“I call this breakthrough ‘6G.’

“And it could trigger the greatest technological revolution of the century.”

We’ve heard 6G teased before, of course — there’s the “real” 6G, which is the next iteration of wireless, different projects in different labs around the world that will, assuming 5G goes like 4G and 3G and the other advancements, eventually coalesce around the next wireless standard that everyone uses in a decade or so, and that’s too far off for investment daydreams.

And then there’s Jeff Brown’s “6G,” which was mostly just a tease about how Amazon Web Services is the next dominant data platform in the world.

But the other big promises are all about new satellite-delivered data services — and this is another of those. It does have a twist, though, which makes it perhaps a more rational heir to 6G than the other LEO satellite constellations being deployed by Starlink and Blue Origin.

So which one is it? There are seemingly hundreds of little private fellas out there launching their own rockets right now, or building their own satellites or constellations of mini satellites, so we’ve got a bunch to choose from — here are a few of the clues dropped in the ad:

“Unlike 5G, which works only in major metropolitan centers, Wired magazine reports that this new technology… ‘Can connect to regular cell phones and provide high-bandwidth mobile data anywhere on earth.’

“It DOESN’T require hundreds of thousands of cell towers…

“Or risky radiation signals bombarding us day and night.

“Former NASA Senior Advisor Charles Miller says 5G provided only an ‘incremental advance’ and that 6G… ‘Is a bigger deal than 5G.'”

OK, so yes, that means we’re dealing with satellite-delivered communications. And probably a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation, since the higher satellites can’t easily get past the latency challenges in providing real-time high speed voice and data transmissions.

And though this isn’t teasing either Elon Musk’s SpaceX (which launched its Starlink constellation and LEO-provided broadband service to test users a few months ago), or Bezos’ Blue Origin, those names do, of course, get dropped in the ad…

“… powerful names like Elon Musk… Tim Cook… and Jeff Bezos… are quietly rushing to get involved in this new 6G game-changing technology.

“Musk’s company SpaceX is putting in as much as $10 BILLION…

“While TechCrunch leaked news that Apple’s working on “an early-stage secret project” devoted to this technology as well….

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“And Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s richest men, just funded a wholly owned private research group focused 100% on 6G.”

But of course, when it comes to a newsletter teaser pitch there’s almost always “one tiny company” that’s a super-secret play on this trend, and that’s what’s promised by Snyder:

“While SpaceX, Apple and Amazon are all rushing to get a piece of this new technology…

“One tiny company has lined up the key patents….

“… its breakthrough will allow nearly 1 BILLION people to bypass the big cellular carriers…

“And access 6G directly.”

And some more big-name connections:

“6G has the chance to make our cellular connections more powerful in just about any location on planet Earth.

“And big partners – and I do mean BIG – are lining up to work with the one tiny company I’m telling you about today.

“In 2019 alone, this company conducted demonstrations with the U.S. Department of Defense… the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)… and the Air Force Research Laboratory.”

There are also those patents teased…

“This company has secured FCC rights to the key frequency slots needed for 6G…

“And a patent on the critical technology powering it all.”

Here’s how he sums it up:

“The company is about to open up a whole new 6G world…

“To the 750 million phone owners who, at any given time, have ZERO connectivity because of where they live, work or travel

“To the 2.5 BILLION people who DON’T have phones, many because they lack access to affordable service

“To the existing 5.2 BILLION mobile phone users, who pay more than $1 TRILLION a year for cellular service