Researching “Atlas Technology” … What’s Manward’s “Must Buy $5 Tech Stock?”

Digging into a teaser pitch from Andy Snyder

Pretty much everyone who’s trying to build a large-scale newsletter issues proclamations like “stock of the year” and “stock of the decade,” since such claims get attention… after all, attention is the currency of the online marketer.

So we’ll take this with a wee grain of salt, but here’s the beginning of Andy Snyder’s latest ad for his Manward Letter ($49, renews at $79/yr)….

“The ‘Must Buy’ $5 Tech Stock

“Amazon, Apple, Netflix and others have invested BILLIONS of dollars in this ‘Atlas Technology.’ And now – because of COVID-19 – an obscure leader in this explosive field is set to skyrocket.”

That rings all the bells, right? A connection to the heralded FAANG stocks, a low share price, the notion of “obscurity” to make you feel extra smart for buying an unknown stock. And, of course, the good ol’ made-up term “Atlas Technology” to spark a little curiosity. So what is it?

Here are the hints early on…

“It’s a crucial technology that more than 553,000 companies use to grow their businesses.

“That includes both the smallest mom-and-pop stores and the biggest companies in the world.

“Apple, for example, has invested more than $100 million in this breakthrough tech.

“The New York Times says that this fast-moving innovation is ‘how Amazon wields power in the technology world.'”

OK, so that’s still a little bit obscure — though you can read the New York Times article he quotes here if you’re interested (it’s mostly just about Amazon squeezing out software innovators on AWS by stealing their ideas). What else does Snyder say about this secret $5 stock?

A little more hype to get your revved up…

“Beyond Amazon and Microsoft, Atlas Technology is responsible for helping companies retain up to $247 billion in global revenue every year.

“But here’s the thing…

“This technology is only just getting started.

“By 2021, Atlas Technology will take over North America. Its dominance will be UNPARALLELED.”

And then a few real clues…

“It has more than a hundred patents… many big-name partnerships… a top-shelf management team… and a LONG history of quarterly revenue growth.

“And here’s the craziest part of all…

“Right now… because of the emotionally driven sell-off, it trades for only $5 a share….

“It’s a key player in not just one but TWO markets set for massive growth in the coming years.

“Its customers include Roku, DirecTV, BBC, Marvel Entertainment, Cigna, Tencent and many others.

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