Identifying Manward’s teased “$5 Cancer Killer That’s Headed to $50”

What's being hinted at by Manward Trader's Andrew Snyder?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 27, 2018

Andrew Snyder has been on the editorial team of a bunch of different Agora-affiliated newsletters over the years, and is now helming his own little offshoot called Manward Press — a publishing imprint that aims to help men reach “true fulfillment” by focusing on “Liberty, Know-how and connections” … though, of course, to sell newsletters they still resort to what works for Snyder’s former colleagues at the Oxford Club: promising you an investment idea that will change your life.

So that’s what we’ll look at today — a “cancer killer” that he thinks can appreciate more than 1,000% this year.

This excerpt from the ad for his Manward Trader ($1,495, no refunds) pretty well sums up the promise from Snyder’s latest pitch:

“I believe the $5 cancer–killing stock I’ve just uncovered has the potential to rocket 1,250% or more before year’s end… offering shareholders the very real possibility of turning every $5,000 into more than $60 grand.

“As I see it, there’s no more exciting opportunity in stocks right now.

“It’s a chance for you to make a very big short–term gain… and feel good about helping stop cancer in its tracks.

“I fully expect this to be THE BREAKOUT PLAY OF 2018.”

The basic spiel is that this is a biotech stock that’s already got approval and is already selling its cancer-fighting devices, which cost $750,000 each. They don’t need regulatory approvals, and presumably Snyder thinks their sales are going to surge because he thinks they’ll soon reach the “Bio Point” and make investors lots of money. In his words:

“… it all comes down to a powerful indicator I like to call the “Bio Point.”

“It’s a crucial milestone that few biotechs ever actually hit. (That’s a big part of why the biotech sector is so volatile.) But as my research proves, most companies that do reach the Bio Point flat–out soar.”

He doesn’t say what this “Bio Point” is in any direct way, but refers to a bunch of biotech companies whose stocks surged in the months following their “Bio Point” milestones, like Progenics (2011) and Prothena (2014) and Xencor (2016). There’s no clear single commonality between those three companies at those times other than the fact that all three had partnership, licensing or similar deals announced roughly when Snyder teased them as hitting the “Bio Point,” so perhaps that’s what he’s referring to — some kind of collaborative deal that brings in cash… or maybe it’s just a more general reference to the “point” when you reach a commercial level of revenue generation (ie, becoming a real business instead of an R&D shop).

So what is the stock this time? Here are some more clues from the spiel:

“This hardworking biotech has already blasted through every step needed to bring its highly coveted product to market.

“And demand is steadily ramping up…

“Last year alone, the company reported just shy of $300 million in orders…

“That’s up from $84.9 million two years ago… a 250% increase.

“And the company just affirmed that it