“Bigger than Penicillin” … what’s Mengel’s “Molecule of the Century” that “makes medical marijuana up to 80X more powerful?”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 15, 2019

This teaser pitch has been around for a few weeks, but I haven’t gotten around to covering it until now… call it marijuana fatigue, just plain laziness, or a surfeit of other hypetastic pitches, but it just didn’t rise to the top.

Questions have rolled in from readers pretty consistently, though, so I’m finally digging in… what’s this “Molecule of the Century” that Jimmy Mengel says could cure arthritis, heart disease, and many cancers… and what’s the company he says could make you 116X wealthier?

Let’s sift through the ad and see what clues he drops… I’m sure the Thinkolator can find our answer in there somewhere.

The basic promise is that this company’s “future of modern medicine” breakthrough can make medical marijuana better… from the ad:

“Among its many superpowers? It can amplify the performance of medicinal marijuana by up to 80 times — making it vastly safer, cheaper, and more effective.”

And apparently this isn’t just an R&D project…

“‘The Molecule of the Century’ already has FDA approval. The company that owns it could have multiple “MoC” therapies in Phase 2 clinical trials this year.

“Unlike most ‘me-too’ medical pot stocks — it’s actually done it before.

“The CEO has taken a drug through Phase 3 clinical trials — raising $300 million in venture capital, and creating $1 billion in investor value.

“If any of its new drugs show promise — we could be looking at a $10 billion stock.”

And, he says, the market cap is currently under $100 million… so that’s a big forecast.

What other clues do we get?

“Up until very recently, this company was privately held. Unless you were an accredited investor with stellar connections, you couldn’t buy the stock at any price.

“It’s not being covered on CNBC or in the Wall Street Journal… yet. Even now it’s so deep ‘under the radar’, very few investors know it exists.”

So what’s the new approach to marijuana here? Apparently this “molecule of the century” helps with formulation and delivery of cannabidiol, helping to get a target dose to the right place with lower side effects. Here’s more from Mengel:

“The stock I’m telling you about isn’t just a medical pot company. It’s a nanotechnology powerhouse, with cutting-edge drug delivery platforms.

“Its breakthrough ‘molecule of the century’ was developed with the University of Alberta over the past eight years at a cost of more than $3.5 million in R&D expenditures….

“With ordinary CBD, only 10% of the drug gets past your liver. Protected by the molecule of the century — nearly all of it sneaks through the firewall into your blood.

“Once it’s inside — it sticks around much more effectively.

“Currently, 90% of pure CBD is “flushed” out of the body within five hours. With their innovation, you could have effective levels of the drug for up to a week.”

And he also says that this “molecule of the century” nanotech delivery system also helps to target areas of inflammation, which is good (arguably the most established and least controversial uses of CBD is as an anti-inflammatory).

Then he gets more specific about that market cap:

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“If you can solve CBD’s bioavailability problem — it’s going to revolutionize treatment for millions of people around the world AND create billions in investor value.

“This $51 million company isn’t the next Canopy Growth or GW Pharma…

“It could very well be the next Bayer, Pfizer, or Merck.”

Then, finally, we get a few more details about how we have “three ways to win” with this stock:

“The first and fastest route will allow it to get into cash flow in the first half of 2019 — without ANY FDA approval process whatsoever.

“It gives the company exclusive first-mover advantage in a market poised to grow 700%, all the way to $2.1 billion in annual sales by 2020.

“The second opportunity gives it a chance to become the first new FDA-approved treatment in the $15.35 billion diastolic heart failure market.

“That’s a disease category at least 10x the size of anything its competitors are capable of targeting. This unknown stock could soon own it outright.

“And right now its competitors are valued up to 82 times higher in the market! That’s the upside potential I’m talking about here…

“The third opportunity is the one that could literally change the world.

“It’s a therapy that combines the ‘molecule of the century’ with a kind of anticancer ‘heat-seeking missile.’ It could cure 90% of the most fatal brain cancer.”

Which is a long way of saying it has three clinical programs, I guess. Assuming those are all to the stage where they’re at least being tested on human beings.

That first one is apparently not an FDA drug — it’s an over the counter CBD supplement that they’re producing in partnership with Dalton Pharma… apparently their advantages are low cost and high purity synthetic CBD without THC (THC is the psychoactive compound that regulators don’t want to see in supplements).

And this is the more detailed clue about that:

“Its first product will hit stores as early as Q2 2019. The branding and go-to market effort is being led by an ex-VP from Diageo — the world’s largest producer of spirits.

“Unlike most early-stage biotech stocks, it could be in cash flow this year.

“Even with 10% of a $2.1 billion market — its revenue would be four times its current market cap. That represents a valuation floor for the stock, post-IPO.”

That’s a bi