What’s McCall’s “Hollywood Blockbuster Deal?”

Checking out a teaser pitch for McCall's Private Deal Group about a "potential 16X gain"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 17, 2020

This is the pitch that caught a lot of Gumshoe reader eyes over the past couple days:

“This is essentially the opportunity we have before us today…

“To not only be an investor in a Hollywood brand, but to earn multiple checks per year…

“While seeing a realistic chance for 16X gains or more.”

It’s from Matt McCall, who’s peddling this intriguing-sounding “buy into entertainment residuals” investment… which, if you’ve been around Stock Gumshoe for a while, means he’s really talking about something like royalties, and we looooove royalties. Investing once and reaping recurring and perpetual returns is one of the best ways for the lazy man to invest, and I’m nothing if not a lazy man.

So McCall got his hooks into me a bit with this one, and I decided to figure out what he’s talking about.  This is from the order form for his Private Deal Group ($3,499/yr, no refunds), summing it up:

Getting Rich From Hollywood’s Next Blockbuster Franchise. This report lays out, in detail, exactly how to buy into the private business targeting major Hollywood brands. I believe this one opportunity alone could see 16X gains. You’ll receive two checks annually — once in May and again in November — if you decide to invest.”

So that’s the promise of this particular private deal offering that McCall says he can tell you about, though, of course, he also says that he’ll be recommending lots of other deals if you subscribe — these kinds of “private placements” and “private deals” are all the rage for newsletter publishers who are trying to differentiate themselves with their high-cost “private investing” services, will this one be better than past ideas we’ve considered?

Well, let’s at least figure it out and take a look. Bear with me.

More from the ad:

“$2 billion is paid out in residuals EVERY year.

“It’s an enormous amount of passive income the average investor is clueless about.

“And today you have an opportunity to tap into a similar type of income stream and use it to better your own life.

“This is not something that is reserved for A-list actors or insider film producers anymore.

“Thanks to the mega-deal I just recently discovered, which is targeting Hollywood’s next billion-dollar franchise…

“Viewers at home tonight can learn about an investment opportunity that could end up changing their situation forever.”

How can you resist, right? And better yet, it’s somehow exclusive…

“This is NOT a stock market investment of any kind.

“It has nothing to do with options, bonds, cryptocurrencies, or any other traditional investment.

“In fact, what he’s about to reveal is not an investment the average Joe normally takes part in.”

We aren’t average! No-siree, we are entirely above average and absolutely super cool and smart… so this is definitely right up our alley, right? So what is it?

“This might be the best and only chance you ever get to be part of Hollywood history…

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“A real-life blockbuster deal.

“And potentially make A LOT of money in the process…”

So what is this investment? We’re told that it is “currently targeting a major Hollywood brand,” and that it comes with “revenue rights.” And the ad dangles plenty of examples of huge hits that brought massive returns for their investors and creators, like the Marvel superhero movies, Star Wars, Harry Potter, James Bond… you get the idea. RICHES.

And he makes the notion of residuals sound almost magical, noting that Leonardo DiCaprio is still earning income from Titanic 20+ years later, and that Tom Hanks has now earned more than $60 million from Forrest Gump over the past 30 years, among other examples.

So what is this “billion dollar franchise” McCall has found? What’s the “mega deal” he’s talking about?

He hints some at it…

“The Hollywood franchise that’s being targeted all started in 2011 as a massively successful, bestselling novel.

“This novel spent 62 weeks on The New York Time’s Best Sellers list….

“In 2018, this novel became a Hollywood film.

“Directed by none other than the greatest director to ever live: Steven Spielberg.”

And apparently this movie made buckets of mon