Is “Compound R” a fountain of youth that will add 11 years to your life?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, October 28, 2015

10/28 update: this article is about a week old, but the teaser ads have changed a bit — the newsletter is now also being pitched under the headline, “Has this Maine town bottled the fountain of youth?” and it’s now also going out under the name Dr. Richard Robinson, who apparently works on the newsletter with Teeka Tiwari (Dr. as in PhD, not medical).

The top of the ad is now “Dying New Jersey Doctor Doses Himself With Strange, White Substance from his Freezer—And Stops Cancer In Its Tracks,” but most of the meat of the ad is more or less the same… and it’s still pitching the same stock as far as I can tell, though now they call the mysterious secret fountain-of-youth drug “Compound R”. What follows is from last week, originally published on 10/22/15 and not updated or revised.

We haven’t looked at a Teeka Tiwari ad in a while, so I thought you might like to see some answers about this one — today was the first time I saw this particular ad, which is one in a long line of pitches from newsletters about breakthrough treatments or techniques that can extend life… from new drugs to genetic editing to supplements to God knows what. The idea of a “Fountain of Youth” has been plumbed by most of the newsletter publishers out there.

So which life extension idea is being touted here in the ads for Teeka’s Mega Trends newsletter? Tiwari says the owner of this compound might become a quarter-trillion-dollar company, which is a big claim to make (unless it’s already awfully close — more on that in a moment), and that it’s all made possible by a “mystical” ancient bacteria found on Easter Island.

Ring a bell? That’s right, we were talking up an ancient bacteria found on Mount Ararat just a few weeks ago — but don’t worry, this is completely different (that was an antibiotic, this one was mostly interesting, at first, as an antifungal treatment… before they got the idea that it could slow aging).

Here’s how Tiwari’s ad opens:

Flipping the ‘God Switch’
“Science Meets Mysticism as Top Researcher Proclaims that an Ancient Bacteria Could Be the Key to the World’s First ‘Immortality’ Drug”

We’ve actually even seen that “God switch” term used before, though that was for an entirely different “breakthrough” biotech idea — stem cells, as touted by Patrick Cox when he was enamored of BioTime (BTX)… and we’ve seen other companies, most recently Alnylam (ALNY), touted heavily for their “immortality” potential (by both Michael Robinson and the Oxford Club folks).

But I risk getting off track again here — what’s the idea touted by Tiwari? Here’s a brief snippet to give you the basics:

“… this company has found a way to turn this amazing natural organism into what could be the First Legitimate Anti-Aging Drug. Early investors could secure their financial future… forever.

“What Is 10 to 17 More Years of Your Life Worth?

“This amazing drug could add up to 14% more quality years to your life!

“The company you’re going to learn about today is more than just the next big pharmaceutical stock on Wall Street…

“It could soon be the biggest name in all of medicine, as its discovery may be the biggest medical breakthrough since Jonas Salk developed the cure for polio.

“What this company has done is nothing short of astonishing…

“Basing its research on a stone-age bacteria excavated from a secluded island in the South Pacific (the specifics of which we’ll get into later)—scientists may have just created something that could be even BIGGER than the end of polio.”


Well, sort of. Here’s more:

“… with something this gargantuan—it may be just a matter of time until this company becomes the biggest prescription drug company on the planet…

“Bigger than Pfizer… bigger than Merck… COMBINED!

“You would think with something this big—we’d be hearing all about it from every major news source on the planet—CNN, MSNBC, FOX—or at the very