“Best Energy Stocks Under $1” from Kent Moors … and Some Updates

Checking in on a small-cap energy teaser and Ligand and Invensense for the Friday File

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 19, 2014

I’ve got a few thoughts on stocks I follow and on a portfolio move I made today to shave my risk profile a little bit, but first I thought I’d take a quick gander at the latest teaser pitch from Dr. Kent Moors.

He’s pitching is Micro-Energy Trader, the small-cap portfolio he runs in an attempt to get folks to upgrade from the cheaper Oil & Energy Investor over at Money Map Press, and his new teaser out for the “Best Energy Companies Under $1” got a lot of attention from our readers today… and, naturally, the great Gumshoe Bus tries to drive in whatever direction its riders request. Within reason.

The Money Map folks say these picks have given their subscribers the chance to double their money four times this year (no note on how many times they’ve had the opportunity to lose half their money — any current subscribers what to let us know what the ratio of stinkers is? There are always some with small cap stock picks, even if you’re quite good.)

So what are they touting now, with the oil price in a pretty serious downturn? Let’s check and see…

The first one, I believe, is identical to the last time he touted this service early in the summer — here’s what he says:

“A Tiny ‘Pick & Shovel’ Play with Homerun Poten