Kent Moors’ “Polymorphic Oil” and the $2 Microcap Selling “Liquid Technology” to the Military

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 3, 2015

This ad is particularly ridiculous.

Just wanted to get that off my chest — I know that I look at absurd, hype-filled ads every day, and that I should be getting jaded by now… but this one stands out as more absurd than most.

But, of course, I’m primarily here to give you answers and explanation — so let’s get to it. What is the “$2 Microcap” that Kent Moors is teasing us about in his effort to lure subscribers into his $3,500 Micro Energy Trader?

Here’s a little summary of his pitch from the order form, to give you the flavor:

“I’ve been waiting four years for the right moment to recommend this stock to you (and it’s TODAY).

“As energy’s ultimate insider, I’ve been watching this firm like a hawk since 2011…

“Waiting for the right moment to recommend it to my Micro Energy Trader readers.

“And right now – in addition to its incredibly lucrative deals with the Pentagon…

“The firm I’m talking about also has millions’ worth of supply deals and partnerships in place with a stunning list of household-name companies.

“And with every passing day…

“They’re bringing larger and larger quantities of their ‘polymorphic oil’ to the consumer market through these deals and partnerships.”

Sounds compelling, right?

Let’s go in and check the specific clues so we can find the stock for you — that way, you can do your own research and think for yourself… then, if you feel like it, you can send your $3,500 to Kent Moors if you like. Or to me, if you prefer. Or maybe you could just take a nice vacation, or actually buy the stock with that money if it seems compelling to you… your call.

Some of the clues that we can toss into the Thinkolator as we seek our answer:

“The key to this opportunity is a world-changing new liquid that’s being pumped into a procession of unmarked tanker trucks right now…

“Even as you read this, these trucks are rolling out of a small American company’s nondescript – yet highly secure – production facility in the Midwest.

“Why all the secrecy and security?

“I’ll explain that fully in just a moment. But the crux of it is that this tiny company has pioneered an incredible new ‘polymorphic’ substance…

“And that substance is about to transform dozens of global industries worth at least $3.1 trillion per year….

“This firm will soon be a household name, with a sky-high share price to match.

“That’s because what’s going into those Plain Jane trucks today…

“Will be in virtually everything you rely on for day-to-day living tomorrow.

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“The clothing on your back and the carpet under your feet.

“The soaps and cosmetics in your bathroom, and the detergents under your sink.

“The lubricants, paints, solvents, and chemicals in your garage – and the plastics you see everywhere around you.

“Even the foods you eat will soon contain the incredible substance I’m talking about.”

OK, so it’s a company making some kind of oil — used to make biofuels and as a food and cosmetics ingredient and feedstock for chemicals. That means we’ve probably got our answer already, but let’s check some of the specific clues just to make sure.

First, the ridiculous gains promised:

“I’m talking about the chance to score up to 10,000% returns or more over just the next few years…

“Plus multiple triple-digit wins of up to 542% in the coming months…”

Then, after he spends a few pages reminding us that he’s the foremost expert on energy, with every CEO and scientist and key energy person in his Rolodex, we get some more clues…

“The Pentagon